17 March, 2014

"Opinion: Screaming loudly, carrying no stick"

The  Screaming Eagle?

You decide if Russia is the eagle or the mouse? Which one is the United States

"Ukrainian troops stand guard in front of the parliament building in Kiev, Ukraine, on Monday, March 17. Tensions are rising in Ukraine over Crimea, a peninsula in the country's south-east that has applied to join Russia after a controversial referendum. Local officials in Crimea have declared their allegiance to Russia, and armed men have blockaded Ukrainian military sites."

updated 10:41 PM EDT 03.15.14
"Opinion: Screaming loudly, carrying no stick"

Once again the United States of America l rattle it's sabre again another nation, this time Russia, that is second in military spending to the United States. Russia has a long-standing alliance with China that is number three on worldwide military expenditures. And let's not forget the agreement Russia has with all the Muslim nations that seek to destroy the United States of America. Obama announces sanctions on Russian officials. I find it interesting that Ukraine used to be part of Mother, Russia. So if Pres. Obama is going to stand behind a former nation of Russia that wants to take it back; that must mean that the entire south can take the same action and vote to being independent being part of the United States government right? Again the United States take the causes of everybody in the world except the concerns here in the United States, a nation that is declining to fall apart and people are hurting. We are no longer a real superpower. Few Nations around the world have respect for our Country that always brags about being the best country in the world which is so far from being the truth. If you think, there are many nations that love us. I would suggest you think again. Because more likely those nations are the one's that gladly take our military support, our military equipment and our money that's is printed by the Federal Reserve to wage wars and to try to maintain that we are truly a nation under God. I do feel grateful that all are members of Congress are well taken care of, and have few, if any children in Arms way on the ground. I am also happy for all the Congress members that have health care for the rest of their life for themselves, and their families. Oh, I almost forgot, they also received 80% of their salary for the rest of their lives even if they only served one term    God bless what a great country we had?

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