13 December, 2013



Officials: US drone strike kills 13 in Yemen wedding convoy

“There were no immediate details on who was killed in the strike, and there were conflicting reports about whether there were militants traveling with the wedding convoy. 

(A)       A military official said initial information indicated the drone mistook the wedding party for an al Qaeda convoy. He said tribesmen known to the villagers were among the dead. 

(B)      One of the three security officials, however, said al Qaeda militants were suspected to have been traveling with the wedding convoy. “

        (C) Who cares?

 In American most care less about Muslim’s do not care, or Pray for “THEM” (Certain Nations and races) I imagine the indignities people are feeling reading my statement . . . however, save your indignities for when you’re standing in front of Jesus Christ, that knows everything in your heart.

So . . . ask yourself while Christ is your witness, is your choice (A), (B), or (C)?  
So let me ask our voters that blame Members of Congress, and other voters; however never accept responsibility that they themselves have made terrible errors in voting that has caused our nation to follow all Great Empires in History that fell and collapsed within.  A very appropriate quote is applicable here: 'We have met the enemy and he is us' the quote was said by a comic strip character named Pogo.

Hawaii plane crash fuels Obama 'birther' theories

 The lone fatality in a Cessna crash off Hawaii was Loretta Fuddy, the state public health director who verified President Obama's birth certificate. The birther movement seizes on the news.

Was she going to say something that President Obama wanted to keep a secret? Or was it just a prevention safety measure?

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