29 October, 2013

The Pharisees are still amoung us.

"UK's Manchester United apologizes for swastika-like logo, Nazi-style reference"


I looked the alleged swastika and tried hard to see it in the piece of art. However, I only saw creative colorful Art. I wonder if this rumor was started again by people of Jewish blood.

I’m so sick and tired of all these judgmental self-righteous, politically correct people that always point that point their fingers toward other and do not notice the three fingers pointing back at them. Go look into your mirror and start doing your own inventory.  I do not suggest you try and do it all in one hour, or one day, or one month . . . since most have only did other people’s inventory. It may take up to a year if you’re rigorously honest. Then I suggest you share it with a person you trust, and to your God that knows all; however people seem to they can keep the bad fruits they bear a secret. (Warning, do not look for you anti-Semitic card; that you keep in a dark place with your racist and other judgmental cards. I say that because I want to bring to your attention that the Holocaust that is still being written about in the media (Media mostly owned by those of the Jewish persuasions) that it was all about the Jews suffering when in fact it included millions of non-Jewish people; such as the mentally ill, the poor, gypsies and many other ethnic groups. I believe my heart and soul id good with my God . . . and I have to do a daily inventory to make sure it bears good fruit.

Bravo! to Jack Rivlin, the editor of The Tab for saying: "the club should have ignored the pointless prigs on Twitter.


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