03 October, 2013

Excuse Me! . . . Yes you people with the stones for casting judgment's on others . . .

. . . Sorry, I tossed my judgment stones away.
I sleep so well at night and it's like being on a cloud without drugs, alcohol, and all that anger and disliking of people But I love all of you as my boss . . .

 . . . the Big Guy above the sky does as well. But Heck, all you Christian's know how Christ taught us how to live our lives and walk in his path.

 I'm none partisan . . . wait the is not true . . . I belong to the party called "We the People-All the People." I had to say all this before I say the five Letter word . . . Obama. or if you say the four letter word . . .Bush, it makes people go nuts, their voice rises, the breath heavy, their blood pressure rises and they start to drool. And I will no use the words that are represented by a Donkey and an Elephant.

However saying all that, and knowing all you Christian's have an open-mind and open-heart; I found this movie presented by the author was very insightful to the inter-psyche of President Obama and why he is making decisions that are going to ruin American. Remember, all president's cannot have the genius brain and kind heart of the Bush's that sacrifice all for the good of us help The Middle Class Americans'?

 So take your medication, or drugs (Alcohol is a drug) clear you mind like you did at the voting polls when you had no idea what, or why? you voted the way you did in the last five presidential election's; and watch and listen. If you pay attention you may know how it is all going to end for America.

         2016: Obama's America  2012 PG 87 minutes

4.0 stars

Average of 57,706 ratings:
3.3 stars
Conservative best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza questions where America will be in 2016 if President Barack Obama were to serve a second term, and hypothesizes about how Obama's past will influence his politics over the next four years.

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