01 September, 2013

THANK YOU . . . to my LinkedIn Connections

I was doing my readings and meditation when I was inspired to give special thanks those that connected with me on LinkedIn.
I wish all of you well and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you and protect you and your loved ones all the rest of your days on Earth.
·       Titus Workman-Publisher at the Daily Herald at Wick.
·       Shannon Smiley-Executive Director at C.A.R.E./The John 3:16 Center.
·       Jack underwood-IBM-retired in Heaven but I'm still connected/:-)
·       Wayne Fuller Manager Southeastern United States-at DuPont retired.12
·       C. K. Kumar-Writer
·       Renee Novelle1st-Journalist.
·       Peter C. Williams-CCHt.
·        Hugh Gordon-Creative Director at Focus Magazine.
·       William Taylor-Risk Advisor at Galt Insurance Group
·       Gina Coke-Independent Writing and Editing.
·       Bunny Belden-Independent Associate at Legal Shield.
·       Ken Blackman, Ph.D.
·       Lauren Onsa-Director of Sales and Marketing .
·       Ann C. van de Steeg, LCSW, CAP-Strength-Based Supportive Solutions.
·       Marian Massaro-Voiceover Actor.
·       Eric Hunsucker-Account-Executive at the SAVO Group.
·       Dr. H Christian Gunderson-NLP Santa Rosa, NLP Santa Rosa.
·       Kenneth Hernandez-Owner KD Carpet Cleaning.
·       William Taylor-Risk Advisor at Galt Insurance Group.
·       Jonathan Bartell-Owner, the Law Offices of Jonathan A. Bartell, LLC.
·       Julia Mueller-Owner, A Mind & Body Connection Hypnosis.
·       Mendy Bowen-Owner at Planet Beach Contempo Spa.
·        Steve Pridgen Scoutmaster at Boy Scouts of America.
·       Dominick Soricelli-General Manager at Hampton Inn & Suites.
·       April Biebel-Director Product Management at Equifax. (Give her Credit/:-)
·       Anne Cleary-Credit Analyst at Taghleef Industries Spa.
·       Jill Woodward-Environmental Health.
·       Joe Young-Principal at Tier ONE (Always places principles before personalities? :-)
·       Clark Beirne
·       Kenneth A. Sorensen-Independent Education Management Professional
·       Talmage Brown Veterinary Pathologist (Always cuts right in to the matter of things/:-)
·       Frank Fallin-Strategic Account Executive at Agfa Healthcare.
·       Doug Walker-President, CEO at Black Cat Press.
·       Dave Holton-Sales Rep at Johnson & Johnson.
·       Melanie Jones-Computer Hardware Professional ( I would have guessed software looking at that sweet smile/:-)
·       Duane Denney-Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Professional.
·       Paul Murphy-Tech Support Specialist- Siemens.
·       Russell Fournier-Master technician/ Manger at Naples Euro.
·       John Raver-Realtor at Advanta Realty (always in Reality/:-)
·       Martin Plack-Principal, Plack Law Group.
A special appreciation and respect for Cathy Scott-Director of Economic Development at Halifax Development Commission. Cathy Scott has done outstanding work for all of Halifax County. She is a Blessing to all that live and work in Halifax County.
May all of you remember especially in these times: Watch out for false prophets? They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15

God Bless,

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