05 July, 2013

Thank You Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Venezuelan's Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela, Nicaragua offer asylum to NSA leaker Snowden

Inti Ocon via AFP - Getty Images
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (R) and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro are seen standing in front of a picture of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, during a Petrocaribe summit in Managua on June 29, 2013.
Thank you Venezuela and Nicaragua from an American Veteran that is aware of the lies, deceptions and illegal actions, done in secrecy by our US Government. The American voter's has ears, but cannot hear and that has eyes, but cannot see.  The voters have put wolves in sheep's clothing in power and control over the people on "Main Street" USA that is over 80% of our population. Homeland Security does seek information about terrorist threats to the Government both Foreign and Domestic. However, their data base is larger on American’s than it is on foreign threats; as they know the Citizens on “Main Street are going to be very desperate and angry as America heads toward a total financial shutdown that we will never recover from. American’s are going to be hungry, and scared of their neighbors that may want what they have to survive. The American Voters and those they put in the Government will see the darkest hours as we draw close to 2020. One of the main reasons our Government enacted the authority to use Drone against American’s considered a threat to the Government. The people have no defense against the Laws enacted under Homeland Security, against a Military budget that takes 34 Percent of are total budget. Our Military Budget is 600 % percent higher than China, and higher that 27 allied nations military budgets combined. Muchas gracias, Sr. Presidentes, Dios bendiga a los dos y su nación.

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