20 January, 2013


... Or tell the truth. You know how you can tell if a military General is Republican? When they make statements like this:” 
'Irresponsible' Sequestration Cuts 'Catastrophic' For Military."

 The symptoms toward being a Republican in the military may start slowly with being a One Star General is like the early stages of alcoholism. With the second star  a General will have cravings for more power and the psychological comfort in feeling it's all about me and I can control things. After receiving the third star there is no hope of turning back to being for the people, and the general has to have much more and as the forth star is pinned on his uniform he becomes a fully cloned Republican. Then they demand more weapons, more money, and more power. Being a Republican and a high ranking officer gives you the knowledge and confidence that you will get everything you need because the largest funding in the United States comes from the military contractors and goes to the Republicans. 

Gen McChrystal will not tell you the truth:  

  • That our military budget is almost 600 % more than China's Budget. 

  • That our military budget is more than twenty seven other nations budgets combine. 

  • That we did not liberate Iraq and around 150 too 200 Iraq's have been killed by bombs in Baghdad ever week since we left.     

  •  That we will not win in Afghanistan and that higher numbers Americans will die if we stay beyond 2014.

  •  That we will never defeat the Terrorist or AL-Qaeda. 

We have more state-of-art Weapons that any other nation in the world. Remember all the lies from the Vietnam War? It's worse that every in America's history. 

The, irony is that an eighteen year old solider highly experience in computer game as a kid growing up can operate the system and can be deployed for worldwide operations. The operator can be in the United States and hit a target in Afghanistan.


 RQ-1 / MQ-1 Predator
Remote piloted aircraft, UAV/UAS
First flight
July 1994
July 1995
In service
Primary user
Number built
360 (285 RQ-1, 75 MQ-1)[1]
Program cost
US$2.38 billion (2011)[2]
Unit cost
US$4.03 million (2010)[3]
Developed from
Developed into

America leads in World Debt-United States of America leads in Military Spending-America leads in Economic Aid to Foreign Countries

So as you can see United States of America leads in Military Spending

United States of America not in top 50

United States of America leads in World Debt

 United States of America leads in Economic Aid to Foreign Countries.

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