03 January, 2013



 "Congress Piles the Pork into Hurricane Sandy Relief"

Hurricane Sandy Bill: New York Lawmakers Angered After House GOP Doesn't Hold Vote

Posted: 01/02/2013 8:37 am EST


WASHINGTON — New York-area lawmakers in both parties erupted in anger after learning the House Republican leadership decided to allow the current term of Congress to end without holding a vote on aid for victims of Super-storm Sandy.


You can thank the Voter's the keep putting "upper-class" well-funded politicians that the "Big Six" media corporation grant free coverage and denies candidates from the "middle class" 

 I know because I was a presidential candidate-2012 from the middle of the "middle class" that was denied the same access the give to the "upper class." Out of hundreds of press releases to all major media I received just one full page coverage from the Daily Herald, Roanoke Rapids, in NC. The "middle class" represents over 72 % of the American population and are just the puppets controlled by the puppet-masters that are the major media, the "One Percent" and those in control of the powers in Congress including major corporations. Here is how they do a "catch 22" on any "middle class' presidential candidate. The United States Constitution only requires that a presidential candidate be born in America, minimum age of thirty five, and lived in the United States for no less than fourteen years.


However, Major media such as Time Warner/CNN found a way to keep the "middle class" from gaining access to the Oval office. They required for any person to qualify to be in the presidential debates must have a minimum of 4% of the political polls. Since there are no laws saying the media has to interview any political candidate from the "middle class." So, they don't, and this makes it impossible for any well-educated capable candidate from the "middle class" to reach the 4 % of the political poll. The "middle classes have become willing victims of the corrupt bureaucracy. Every election is manipulated by the puppet masters with propaganda, lies, and misinformation. The overwhelming number of voters has no clue to the facts and cares less to bother to research the candidates, and scrutinize the American media to determine the truth from bias slanted journalism...

The America voter is like the wildebeest of Africa that will blindly follow the leaders of the pack over a cliff. Now here is the real pathetic part about the "Main Street voters. I had circulated a petition to the masses via the internet, all it asked of the voters was to have CNN grant me an interview as a presidential candidate from "Main Street Just asking them to help get me an interview to have America see if I have commonsense and really care for the American classes that have been ignored for decades. After, two years a total of thirty six Americans signed to have me interviewed. The irony of this is that when Verizon was going to charge an extra two dollar service fee, and Bank of America was going to charge a five dollar ATM fee; "Main Street" took action to stop both. That is the misguided priorities of the American voters; they deserve everything they do not get. All, I only ask is that the last person leaving the former United State of American (like the Roman Empire) please leave the lights on in the Statue of Liberty. 

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