03 April, 2012

The Economy Will Continue To Bleed

The Economy Will Continue To Bleed

What this chart shows is that the overall portion of US GDP that is made up of business investment in domestic capacity has been falling since the mid-1980's. You can see that it used to fluctuate around the 5-6% mark throughout the 1970's and early 80's then starts falling.

The reason is that 72% percent of our population, are the "middle class," and they keep cutting their own veins every time they vote. On the local levels, it is evident by the corrosion in our communities; they vote candidate that feed them grade B *BS, to the "middle class," and they come back for more. As to Congress, 82% percent of all Senate seats are won by the candidate with the most money, and have the best spinnakers, and focus groups.

Eight out of the last ten presidents, bought the White House. However, they feed us pure 100% grade A *BS, and we asked for more every election. "Middle Class" is brainwashed by the Two Party System.

Most all do not check the *BS, before eating it. Forty Four Presidents and not one from the "Middle Class" until, we put a "Middle Class president in the White House, and fill the majority of the Senate seats with candidates from the "middle class;"we will end just as the Roman Empire, that never dreamed a great power like Rome would never fall.

The Media and money picks all in Congress and the Oval office. CNN, and all major Media in America, do not let the "Middle Class" see a Candidate from the "middle class." that is why you have not seen a well-educated presidential candidate, such as me on TV.

The media and those in power, set up criteria for any candidate to qualify to be in the debates, to qualify, a presidential candidate must have a minimum of 4% percent in the polls. So, if they do not cover a candidate from the "middle class," then they cannot make the polls.

The "Middle Class" raise Holly "H" when Verizon was charging a $2.00 service fee, and Bank of American was going to charge $5.00 for using the ATM. The stopped both.

The "Middle Class" raise Holly "H" when Verizon was charging a $2.00 service fee, and Bank of American was going to charge $5.00 for using the ATM. The stopped both.

I ask the "Middle Class," to sign a petition to have CNN, interview a well-educated presidential candidate, from the "middle class" to have the same rights as the "upper class." However, if the "Middle Class" enjoys being governed by the "upper class," and do not want one of their own, from the "middle class, in the White House, then do not sign the petition to give me the free coverage that they give to the "Upper Class" politicians.
"Middle Class is 72% percent of the American population, and has the power to put one of their own in by joining Americans Elect-2012:
http://www.americanselect.org/profile-candidate/368825/draft-status/this will take you to my presidential candidate site. If you click support to the right side of my picture, it will help me be in the national debates representing the American Elect delegates in all fifty States.
Please join, it costs nothing, and it is for the people and by the people.
AmericansElect.org is the first in history to let "Main Street" Americans pick their own candidate to put on the ballot in all 50 States.
"Middle Class" is the largest population in America (72% percent), and we have the power to, put one of our own in the White House for the first time out of 44 presidents, none have been from the "middle class".

Put The First "Middle Class" In The White House As the 45th President of The United States of America 

The "upper class" has the money, but we have the power of our votes, save America and the "middle Class," and the "working class". Put the first "middle class" president in the White House since George Washington.

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