22 March, 2012

Your next President for 2012 is ?

this is from 2012 election which I ran for President of United States. A middle-class man, there never has been a President from the middle class

Come on, You know who is in the empty suit. OK, here are some hints:

1. Always says we live in the greatest country in the world.

                               2. He whats to make a stronger military.

He will continue bringing our troop’s home in the cargo bay of the airplane,

and make sure they are the first one's off the plane.

Also, He will provide a large number of Marines in dress uniform if a soldier is accompany by a government dignitary.
                               3. He wants to be involved in the middle East.

                                         4. He wants to continue liberating foreign nations.


  5. Tells you that a President needs a successful background in running a business, to be a good  president.

That is a insult to about Forty One Presidents that did not have that background.
Here are the the three Presidents that had a successful business before being the President of the United States:
Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981). One-term president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter started his career on the family peanut farm after a stint in the U.S. Navy. In the years that followed, he expanded the farm into a multimillion dollar business, including warehouses, a peanut-shelling plant, and farm equipment and supplies. Carter took pride in being known as “the peanut farmer from Georgia.”

George H.W. Bush (1989-1993). The first President Bush started the Bush-Overby Oil Development company in 1951. He later co-founded another venture, the Zapata Petroleum Corp., which made him a millionaire. “The fact is, prosperity has a purpose,” Bush said, accepting the Republican nomination for president in 1988. “It’s to allow us to pursue ‘the better angels,’ to give us time to think and grow.”

George W. Bush (2001-2009). Like his father, the 43rd president was closely involved in the oil and gas business. He started Arbusto Energy (later renamed Bush Exploration) in 1978. After the business merged with Spectrum 7 Energy Corp., he served as chairman and CEO. Using funds from his oil ventures, Bush and a group of investors in 1989 purchased a controlling interest in the Texas Rangers baseball team. He served as the team’s managing general partner before resigning in 1994 to run for state governor. (He held onto his minority stake in the team until 1998, when he sold his share for $15 million.)

6. This man changes views and opinions as much as a driver changes lanes during a 50 mile drive.

OK, Last clue, this is a picture of his home, so you know he feels our pain, those of us in the "middle class."


Fantastic, way to go "middle class" voters, Keep what you do every election; put in another "upper class" empty suit wealthy politicians that will cut programs that help the lower classes; that the "upper class" and members of Congress do not need, I'm amaze how uninformed the two party voters are you Cannot tell the truth from cow paddies, But the voters of the "middle Class" are getting exactly what they deserve. Nothing your 72% percent of the population, and yet you will not even fight to have one of your own Presidential Candidate, to receive the same free media they give wealthy. Charles. Harvey is well educated. He does not ask for money nor does not have a spin-master, or a focus groups. What he does have is the ability to Save trillions of dollars, fix the broken educational System in his first term in office. 100% percent fixing America, and helping the "middle class," not foreign countries. Demand that media gives me, a "middle class" man that can; also receive air-time the give the wealthy, and well funded let the people decide if Charles Harvey is the one. The reason you did not see me in the presidential Debates, is you need a minimum of 4% percent in the polls If media does not show Nero the "middle class" then I cannot stand on stage telling the truth, in my Suit, shirt, and tie that cost me under $250.00.

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