23 March, 2012

Do Not Tell North Carolina Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan: That Immigrates is taking Jobs from North Carolina Residents. It is pure Propaganda.

Numbers USA, America's largest-member immigration-reduction organization. They are a non-profit and non-partisan. They may mean well. However, the truth is: "If Not White-Then it's Not Right.
 That has been American history since we started killing Indians, enslaving, and hanging innocent blacks. We also harassed the Italians, Chinese, and the Jews.
 I'm a 71 year old Caucasian citizen of the United States. I live on my Social Security, and have lost homes, business and recreational vehicles. However, I am grateful for what I have that so many in the world haves less. The failure of our country does not point to immigration, it points to you, the voters that always put in a wealthy, well-funded, politician, from the upper class. You have presidential candidates from the "middle class," but they media will not show them. If they did, then the "middle class" Presidential Candidate would make the 4% percent in the polls needed to be in the Presidential Debates.
 Do you care that you’re the puppets of the Puppet-masters, the Media and Big Money?
So Do something, demand that CNN, and others give the same free television time they give to the well-funded politicians.

The Latino’s, legal or illegal, they are not the cause of our unemployment. People are always spreading rumors, mostly always negative, that are not based on facts. The people know that americans never check the facts before continuing to spread false rumors. Just look how bad the voters have done for several decades. The voters believe the rhetorical propaganda political candidates tell them, without checking the facts.
 Below, are three blogs I researched and wrote. (1) The first one is about slander, and (2) the second is facts about the Latino immigrants, and how we benefit from the very people we accuse of costing us are jobs. In fact I will include a (3) third blog about where the jobs are going and who is to blame. And it is not Carlos, or Quan Valdez.

(3)    http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/10/this-what-upper-class-politicians-you.html

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