06 February, 2012

So we Americans Are Collectively Responsible

. I hear American's boast, how great American is the "greatest Country on the Planet"!

God did you hear that? All other countries are less than us!
Forget, our founding fathers where, in some people's opinion, terrorist that rebelled against their leader, (taxation) "The King of England" wow! That would be like people today attacking our Government and president.

We forget we have more criminals in prison than any other country; forget that we are the largest buyers of illicit drugs in the world. That we Americans almost wiped out the Native Indians (the founders of America), Killed and enslaved, the Black African-American, Interns thousands of American for years because their skin was yellow, and persecuted Jews, and Italians.

Some people say that we must sacrifice for our freedom. It seems for many armchair warriors, it is easy to be for war, when other families are losing their sons and daughters, husband and wives. Four thousand Americans, and well over 200 thousand innocent civilians, call collateral damage so far.

And, it should be pointed out that it was bin laden that spent $500,000 to kill over 3000 innocent people on American shores, and our government, is spending Trillions of Dollars in the Middle East. So we Americans are collectively responsible for our past, present, and future.

Americans need to do an honest inventory of ourselves, looking at both the good, and bad, about our Country. We would do well to brag less and exercise a little humility before God, and the Worlds eyes.
Stop telling other countries how they should live their life, and work on ourselves. Let's earn the respect of the world., we have lost since Viet Naum.

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