07 January, 2012

United States and Iran Rattle Their Sabers.

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"US.-Iran Tensions Riding on Oil Shipments Through the Strait of Hormuz
A drumbeat of new threats from Iran on the crucial Strait of Hormuz began last week, punctuated by a show of naval force in the Persian Gulf"
Iran states, that if US   Naval ships return, they said they do not usually give Second warnings.
So, take a guess what the response from USA was?
Of course, our Government said they will be back. Just, what our Government wants, to have Iran Attack, so we can go to war saying we had no choice.
Hermann Goering, proclaimed, that although "the people don't want war," they "can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders."
America will not say, it is about Iran supplying 1/5Th of the world oil supply. But we have more American lives to sacrifice and plenty of money. What if, there are a few thousand  "collateral damage." A nicer way of saying, civilian killed.
Another one of my favorite’s substitutes for killing our own people is, "friendly fire." Since I brought up the word Oil, let me assure you we have had the capability to create a substitute for oil for decades.
Gosh, I wonder who would want USA, to give up oil. And the greatest propaganda, is telling Americans we are always trying to find oil here in The US, and searching for alternative energies. Gosh we just do not know how achieve things in the scientific State-of-Art technology, right?

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