18 January, 2012

Does CNN/Major Media Ever Read or Follow the Constitution?

                                             Does the US Constitution say anything
                             about freedom of speech or expression?  
Media and our politicians do not follow the Constitution.  IE, the Constitution gives us freedom of speech, but that is regulated by governing bodies. The Media does not give freedom of speech to any presidential candidate from the “middle class,” only “upper class” politicians. The Constitution, does not say we have to be governed by “upper class.” The Constitution, does give the right for a “middle class, “American citizen, to run for the President of The United States. CNN, states they are fair and unbiased, that is hilarious. CNN, claim they are the leaders in Political news and politics. We can see how well CNN has done, for the “middle class,” Americans, that live on “Main Street,” USA. Oh! And those families that are homeless and hungry with children.  I suggest CNN leaders have their assistances read the Constitution, and suggest, if you are for the “We the People,” start following it. CNN has helped put 535 members, of Congress in office on the hill.  All are “upper class,” with over 252 Millionaires.  During the recession, Congress member’s assets rose 23 percent, while “middle class,” lost 16 percent.
I suggest, if CNN really cares for the “middle class,” then in the near future have televised debates for just “middle class,” presidential candidates,” since they represent 72 percent of Americas population.
"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality." George Bernard Shaw

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