21 January, 2012

Charlie's Thoughts for Today-January 21, 2012, "Middle Class" Get Off Your...

For the last 50 years, money, special interest group, has bought the Presidential office. 400 of the richest Americans have more money than 150 million Americans combined. Less than 2% of Americans make between, $200.000 to $250,000 year. These are the people that the “middle class,” let buy the White House. 9 out of 10 Presidential candidates, with most funds, and special interest groups, have won the Presidential elections, and over 83% of the House, and Senate winners, were the ones with the largest campaign funds. The White House and Congress are being bought. The irony is, 72% of the “middle class,” that makes lest than $50,000 Year let it happen. “Middle class,” can make a difference. How? Sign the petitions to put Charles Harvey on the Presidential Ballot for 2012; and for CNN to interview, Charles Harvey, your “middle class,” presidential candidate-2012. Also, demand that Media give equal interview time, to all candidate, not just Rich, and famous. American’s has put the last 40 Presidents in the White House that were former Politician’s, from the “upper class.” That, is why the “middle class,” loses ever election. Get the media, to interview well educated qualified candidates, from the “middle class,” like me, that lives on $2100.00 a month Social Security. See my web pages, http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/, http://thevoiceinthewilderness.com/.

Also, see a website that shows all candidates running for President, not just the rich, and well known, and famous. It also lists me, and the views of all candidates on all issues.

Also, you have heard that the President, has to be from one of the Two Parties, The Democratic, or Republican, to have the Two Parties work together, and that an independent, or Liberal, could not get the Two House to work together; that is pure propaganda. Now, tell me how many times have you seen both parties work together? The rich and powerful, want a “upper class,” Democrats, or a Republican, politician as President of the United States of America. Another question, what has any President, or Congress, done great for the “middle class,” since 1980? Please, sign the petitions, to put Charles Harvey, on the Ballot for President 2012. Please contact CNN, all Media, John Stewart, Steve Colbert Show, and Bill Maher Show, to sit down and talk with me. Give the “middle class’ a voice, in picking an American President. Do yourself a favor, and the United States of America. Thank You

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