04 October, 2011

Wake Up America! The Media and Politicians Are Making Fools of You

You watch CNN and other major media sell the White House to the “upper-class” Politician with the most money. Then you go into the ballot box and put them in the White House and Congress. The you complain till the next election and you will do the same thing again. Wake up. The always tell you it has to be a former politician like a governor or former governor to be the next president. Really? That has really worked out great for us “middle-class” Americans hasn’t it? What you need is a bright well educated person from the “middle-class for the “middle-class” that can make commonsense decisions best for American. And the “middle-class” makes up 72% of our population.

All you need is a person like myself that cares for people, that received a Masters Degree in Social Work to help people help themselves. I ask for no money to be the President. I only ask you sign the petition CNN interview me to see if I am the first “middle-class” candidate to be President. Look at my Website, look at my issues and concerns. See what I would do as your president.


The people always saying we want change, and they keep voting every election for the same "upper-class" politician from either Two Parties. The people say they so nor want Medicare, Medicare Social Security cut or ended, But they vote in the very people never need Medicare, Medicare or Social Security, instead of voting one from the Middle-Class," is 72% of our population, a person that has experience life on "Main Street'" USA, or they have used those services or a family member has. The people say they want less Government. That is music to the wealthiest and the Republicans. So they gave you fewer Government controls.

They let Wall Street and major banks to go wild and do their thing.

They let corporations to do offshore banking costing USA over $60 billion a year in taxes. They let corporations outsource jobs and manufacturing..

They let corporations use loopholes to use

tax loop holes. Congress took their $60.00 Billion in earmarks.

Two People, and the Republicans got us into Two wars we never had to be in. They spend billions of dollars on the War machine that make our military budget almost 50% of all nation's military expenditures.

"Cheney's last campaign: 'We got it right'
By: Mike Allen
'I'm not apologetic with respect to the policies of the Bush administration,' Cheney says.politico.com"
Read what Cheney gave. Americas.

AUGUST 12, 2011 5:20PM

Decreasing tax rates=lower unemployment rate=bullshit!
Tax and Unemployment Rates (civilian
noninstitutionalized population).

Since William Henry Harrison (February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841), all Presdients have been from the 2 party system.

Since William Henry Harrison (February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841), all Presidents have been from the 2 party system. All have been from the "upper-class."

You say you want change but you keep putting in wealthy "upper-class" politicans in the Oval Office, and 82% of all Senators voted in last were wealthy upper class.

the House of Reresentatives has 435 plus 6 non-voting memebers and 100
Rank-and-File Members:
The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.
Majority Party Leader - $193,400
Minority Party Leader - $193,400
House Leadership
Speaker of the House - $223,500
Majority Leader - $193,400
Minority Leader - $193,400


Number of Millionaires in Congress: 261


When they retire they continue to draw the same pay untill they die.


The Democratic-Republican Party or Republican Party was an American politicafounded in the early 1790s by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Political scientists use the former name, while historians prefer the latter one; contemporaries generally called the party the "Republicans", along with many other names. In a broader sense the party was the concrete realization of Jeffersonian democracyThe Democratic-Republican Party or Republican Party was an American political party founded in the early 1790s by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Political scientists use the former name, while historians prefer the latter one; contemporaries generally called the party the "Republicans", along with many other names. In a broader sense the party was the concrete realization of Jeffersonian democracy.


1.Out off 44 presidents, 41 have been former politicians.

2 Major Jobs Before the Presidency: George Washington surveyor, planter, general of the Army of the United Colonies.
Zachary Taylor soldier. Dwight David Eisenhower supreme commander of the Allied forces in Europe, U.S. Army chief of staff.
Read more: Presidents' Occupations — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0768854.html#ixzz1YiBrtLT0.

3. all Presdients have been either Demacrates or Republicans except,

01 Washington, George-None (He opposed political parties).
02 Adams, John Federalist.
09 Harrison, William Henry Whig.
10 Tyler, John Whig.
12 Taylor, Zachary Whig.
13 Fillmore, Millard Whig.

3. President Historically, George Washington was the only president elected as an independent, as he was not formally affiliated with any party during his two terms.
John Tyler was expelled from the Whig Party in September 1841, and remained effectively an independent for the remainder of his presidency, later returning to the Democrats. He briefly sought re-election in 1844 as a National Democrat, but withdrew as he feared to split the Democratic vote.

Let Americans decide, not the media who goes on the ballot.

Padmananda Rama
Deputy Press Secretary
Americans Elect
202.578.3726 (m)



Effort has signed more than 2,000 “Delegate Leaders” in State Senate Districts and College Campuses nationwide

WASHINGTON, D.C. Sep 19, 2011- Striving to combine the best in class grassroots organizing with the most current technology innovation, Americans Elect is launching PROJECT 500. This nationwide endeavor will utilize over 2,051 committed volunteers, at least one from every state senate district, to recruit more than one million delegates as participants in transforming the current presidential nominating process. Americans Elect is a nonpartisan nonprofit presidential nominating process founded by citizens from across the political spectrum.

The mission of Project 500 is to encourage each of the 2,051 volunteers to enroll 500 delegates. The pool of delegates will come from registered voters from all ideological backgrounds. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in discussion forums, shape the political debate, and build the platform of questions each candidate will be required to answer as part of the eventual nominating process. The Americans Elect ticket will be on the 2012 presidential ballot in all 50 states.

“To meet this goal, Project 500 leaders will work in their communities to host meet-ups and gatherings,” according to Elliot Ackerman, chief operating officer. “As part of their leadership role, they will address political and civic groups, engage college students, submit letters to editors as well as rally friends, family and neighbors to sign up and become delegates at

Americans Elect offers a second nominating process that gives the American people a choice beyond the two-party system. Through
www.AmericansElect.org, any registered voter who signs up to be a delegate has the power to vote in the first-ever open and secure online nominating convention in June of 2012 that will choose a bipartisan Presidential ticket.

“Our Project 500 Leaders have joined this mission for a variety of reasons that include giving the American people a voice in the nomination process and putting Party functions back in the hands of the people. We thank them for their patriotism and commitment.” said Kellen Arno, executive director of ballot access and national field engagement.

Project 500 is designed to accommodate individual communities and gives flexibility to leaders to shape their own program. Americans Elect will provide Project 500 leaders with tools, suggestions and support to facilitate their outreach.

On campuses across America, Project 500 has also developed dedicated programs to provide students with the freedom to become leaders within Americans Elect and have a direct impact on the outcome of the nominating process.

For the last 50 years money, special interest group have bought the Presidential office. 400 of the richest Americans have more money than 150 million Americans combined. less that 2% of Americans make between $200.000 to $250,000 year, and they buy the white house. 9 out of 10 Presidential candidates with most funds and special interest groups have won the Presidential elections and over 83% of the House and Senate winners were the ones with the largest campaign funds. The White House and Congress is being bought. The irony is 72% of the middle class that makes lest than $50,000 Year let it happen. They can make a difference. How? Sign This petition to put Charles Harvey on the Presidential Ballot for 2012, Also demand that Media give equal interview time to all candidate, not just Rich and famous. American have put the last 44 Presidents in that were former Politician, That is why we are in problems. That is why the middle class looses ever election. Get media to interview well educated qualified candidates from middle class like my self that lives on $2103.00 a month off Social Security. See my web page,
http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/ , and also see a website tat shows all candidates running for President, not just the rich and well known and famous. It also list myself and the views of all candidates on all issues. http://2012.presidential-candidates.org/
Also you have heard that the President has to be from one of the 2 parties, Democratic or Republican to have the 2 parties work together, and that an independent or Liberal could not get the 2 house to work together. Now tell me how many times you have see both parties work together. The rich and powerful only want Democrats or Republican presidents. Another question, What has any President, or Congress done great for the middle class since 1980. Please sign the this petition to put Charles Harvey on the Ballot for President 2012. Please contact CNN, all Media, John Stewart or the Steve Colbert Show to sit down and talk with me and other unknown candidates. Do yourself a favor and the Untied States of America. Thank You

"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality."
George Bernard Shaw

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