27 September, 2011

American Voters, Make A Real Change In Voting.

Since April 4, 1841, Americans have voted in a Demarcate or Republican President.

William Henry Harrison
    Whig Party

Forty One of the Forty For Presidents

 have been former politicians, from the "upper-class". You see the problem? No not the politicians but you the voters. You let "upper-Class"wealthy politicians pick candidates for you to choose from. Now you can decide yourself who goes on the ballot,

and join the millions mostly the "middle-class" that is 72% of Population, that will pick who they want on the ballot and it can be one of our own from the "middle-class".

Americans Elect 2012

Dear Delegate,
Who said Americans can't work together to get things done?
  • YOU'VE ALREADY answered over 5,000,000 questions.
  • YOUR DONATIONS have helped us collect nearly two thirds of the 3,000,000 signatures needed for ballot access.
  • MORE THAN 2,000 of you have already signed on as volunteers

I am from the "middle-Class", I can do the job and care for "middle Americans on "Main Street’s. I would love to fight for the "middle-class" and do 2 things as president before I die.

1. After I'm sworn in as President of the United States, I will pick up the phone as the Commander in Chief of all American Forces and immediately withdraw all our troops from every Muslim/Islamic Country.

2. I will stop all funding of all Muslim/Islamic Countries.

3. Reduce the Military Budget to maintain our equipment and troops and their familiesand give all Military personnel up to the rank of Lieutenant a pay raise.

4. create a bill that will make all bills presented for voting a clean bill with no ear marks (pork) attached to them.

5. I will close down the Department of Education. I will cut NASA Budget for a period of time because Earth is important now not other planets. 5. Implement new Foreign policy, America first and America only.

Stop trying to run the world. If I can do those Five things I will die happy. Think about it, I could be the answer to helping American. give me a chance to be heard on TV, sign my petition to get on CNN, then decide if I’m the one.

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