14 October, 2011

A Vote For Cain, is a Vote for the Insane

Rich Man's RevolutionaryPOLITICO.com
Herman Cain's surge put to test
By: Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman
The former pizza executive is suddenly scrambling to take advantage of an opening.

Herman Cain’s proposals are truly radical. So radical that they would produce a massive windfall for the wealthy and significant hardship for the rest of us, says Michael Tomasky. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/10/12/michael-tomasky-herman-cain-s-9-9-9-plan-revolutionary-for-the-rich.html

Article by Charles Harvey, Candidate For President 2011 Middle-Class Candidate, Media Ignores

If the Middle-Class vote in Cain, The "middle-class" are just dump or like being victims or both.
Cain is so phony and full of himself. Like most Republicans. (I’m for the person not the party) Like most Republicans they tell you things that are not factual without checking the facts. Like when the lowered taxes on the wealthy saying it will decrease unemployment. Facts, as taxes has been going down for the rich, the unemployment as been going up. Cain says black play the racist card, My God Mr. Cain read the facts on the disadvantage of people of your skin color. Cain loves power, himself and living the high life style. If you listen you will the typical political rhetorical jargon we hear every election. Most famous is We live in the greatest country in the world. Yes for the "upper-class in the last 30 years. Why does "middle-class" always vote in the wealthy and expects them to help us people in the "lower-class"? That is why all media and CNN will not cover any presidential candidates from the "middle-class" like myself. But "middle-class wi9ll not even sing my petition to have CNN interview me.
Please sign my Petition to have CNN to interview me.

Charles Harvey, The Middle Class Man That Can.


"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality."
George Bernard Shaw

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