12 July, 2011

Ponzi Schemes Worse Than Bernard Madoff's

Bernard Madoff
former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt estimated the actual net fraud to be between $10 and $17
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani
Iraq “Loses” 18 BILLION Dollars in U.S. Donations to corruption, theft, etc.
The U.S. Government aid to Iraq for Department of Defense Security Assistance: Fiscal Year
2008: $1,283,818,508 Fiscal Year 2007: $1,299,142,722 Fiscal Year 2006: $4,234,844,714


Hamid Karzai President of the. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The U.S. Government aid to Afghanistan for Other State Assistance: Fiscal Year 2008:
$2,028,680 Fiscal Year 2007: $2,279,328 Fiscal Year 2006: $1,447,768

 Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Mr. Pervez Musharraf Former President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

According to the Congressional Research Service, Pakistan has received more than 20
Billion Dollars, since 2002

United States House of Representatives
The total number of voting representatives is fixed by law at 435.
$16 billion that Congress spent on earmarks in fiscal year 2010

Programs spending more than $1.5 billion

Program↓2011 Budget request[10]↓Change, 2010 to 2011↓
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter$11.4 billion+2.1%
Ballistic Missile Defense (Aegis, THAAD, PAC-3)$9.9 billion+7.3%
Virginia class submarine$5.4 billion+28.0%
Brigade Combat Team Modernization$3.2 billion+21.8%
DDG 51 Aegis-class Destroyer$3.0 billion+19.6%
P–8A Poseidon$2.9 billion−1.6%
V-22 Osprey$2.8 billion−6.5%
Carrier Replacement Program$2.7 billion+95.8%
F/A-18E/F Hornet$2.0 billion+17.4%
Predator and Reaper Unmanned Aerial System$1.9 billion+57.8%
Littoral combat ship$1.8 billion+12.5%
CVN Refueling and Complex Overhaul$1.7 billion−6.0%
Chemical Demilitarization$1.6 billion−7.0%
RQ-4 Global Hawk$1.5 billion+6.7%
Space-Based Infrared System$1.5 billion+54.4%


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