17 May, 2011

I Voted for Obama, But as President I Would Have....

 Handle The Wall Street Bail out for $700 Billion Bail Out different:

I would have used the money to save Americans homes in

1. Hire citizens as temporary government employees to evaluate each for foreclosure. (Would give many temporary jobs)

2. If if it meets basic guidelines, and the home owner agrees to the Government loaning them the money to pay the monthly mortgage each month for a period of 12 months maximum.
And agreed to pay back the Government within 10 years at 5% interest. They would receive a check made out to the mortgage holders each month for that period. If the get on their feet sooner then can stop at any time during the 12 months period.

3. If they are behind several months, that amount would be paid and taken from the 12 months contract. i.e behind 3 months would be paid and leaves them 9 month left on the contract.

That is called helping Main Street not Wall Street. presidents and politician have always help the rich over the working and middle class Americans.

If I am elected President the people of need will come before greed. 

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