19 May, 2011

The Rich, The Upper Class and large Corporations Will Buy The Presidency Again

To all people making under $50,000 a year, I ask you do you another politician as president like all 44 U.S. Presidents were before becoming President. The Candidate with the most campaign funds to buy the Presidency with the help of CNN and major media that only interview upper class or well known, a politician or wrote a book. OK lets not forget all the free air time to Trump. So under federal law individuals are limited to giving $2,500 per election to a candidate for president, or $5,000 for a primary and general elections combined. So considering funds raised for 2012 presidential will range from Five Hundred Million to President Osama possible One Billion Dollars, Where will all that money come from? Will it come from the 9% unemployed? Will it come from the middle class that makes under $50,000 a year. So all the unemployed and middle class will have little chance of getting someone from the middle class to represent them and fight for them. We cannot out spend them but we can out vote them because we do have the power of the vote. Sp vote for Charles Harvey, a well educated and very caring man from the middle class. A person that knows what is like coming from an abandoned and abusive childhood, But made him stronger and more desire to help people help themselves. He knows what it is like to sleep on the streets and go hungry. The Rich, The big Corporations, Like the oil companies and GE do not want a middle class president that thinks more about the majority of Americans than outer space programs,. A man that will create a synthetic fuel to replace oil

for fuel with in 5 to 10 years. A man that will not interfere with Muslim nations politic. A man that will spend money on American than giving billions of dollars to foreign countries. A man that will cut down the budget in military R&D Because we have more than enough for the next 10 years to beat any country at war. See Graph:

And remember, If we stay out of interfering and telling Muslim and Islamic what to do and getting involved with their political problems American will not be going to war and loosing American lives like we have for the last 10 years. And would have had money spent on wars we should not have been in. $791,041,275,417 in Afghanistan, Cost of War in Iraq $791,041,673,900
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001 $1,196,653,279,647. and the meter is still rising every second.  In Libya we spent 110,000,000. in a few minutes launching 110 Tomahawk missiles fired from American and British ships and submarines. 
“ The Unknown Man That Can” from the middle class.

I need the real Americans help to get me on the ballot, To get CNN and major media to give me air time and ask me the tough questions. Do not let Money and major media take the white house in 2012.

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