20 May, 2011

Alan Dershowitz Targets Obama, But He Always Targets Smarter People!

Alan Dershowitz on Breaking from Newsmax.com
Stated "Obama Torpedoed Peace Process"

President Barack Obama’s call for a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on the 1967 Israeli border dealt a serious blow to the peace process and damaged the global image of the United States, Israeli advocate and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax.TV.
Dershowitz was commenting on Obama’s Thursday address at the State Department in which he pressed Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians and set the 1967 border as it existed before the Six-Day War as a starting point. Obama’s position “hurt the peace process gravely,” he said, adding that the president’s declaring such a marker repeated a negotiating error that led to an earlier breakdown in talks when he insisted on a freeze of Israeli settlements in occupied territories"

Historical Notes for Dershowitz
Palestinians struggled to create themselves as a people from the first revolt of the Arabs in Palestine in 1834 through the British Mandate to the impact of Zionism and the founding of Israel. Their relationship with the Jewish people and the State of Israel has been fundamental in shaping that identity, and today Palestinians find themselves again at a critical juncture. In the 1990s cornerstones for peace were laid for eventual Palestinian-Israeli coexistence, including mutual acceptance, the renunciation of violence as a permanent strategy, and the establishment for the first time of Palestinian self-government. But the dawn of the twenty-first century saw a reversion to unmitigated hatred and mutual demonetisation. By mid-2002 the brutal violence of the Intifada had crippled Palestine’s fledgling political institutions and threatened the fragile social cohesion painstakingly constructed after 1967. Kimmerling and Migdal unravel what went right--and what went wrong--in the Oslo peace process, and what lessons we can draw about the forces that help to shape a people. The authors present a balanced, insightful, and sobering look at the realities of creating peace in the Middle East.
Baruch Kimmerling and Joel Migdal

Britain had governed Palestine as a League of Nations mandate. Britain got more and more embroiled in the area and in 1947 asked the United Nations to take over the duty of running the area. The Palestinians and the Jews in the area may have detested and fought one another but both fought the British troops who were stationed there. By 1947, Britain had had enough.
The United Nations took over the area and set up an eleven-man commission to examine the problem. Their solution was to divide Palestine in half with one part for the Jews and the other for the Palestinians. The Arab nations that surrounded Palestine made it clear that this plan would not be acceptable. Regardless of this – and aware of world sympathy for the Jews in the aftermath of World War Two - the United Nations went ahead with its plan. The General Assembly approved the partition in November 1947.

Personal Note:
To the best of my knowledge, God (not the one from Harvard) believes that the Palestinians and Jewish  should love thy neighbors and share equally
But I'm sure Alan Dershowitz  is happy the United States has given more money to Israel than to any other ... US aid to Israel (not adjusted for inflation) from 1949 through 2010 is $109.001 billion. ...
Thank God we did not spend it on Americans.

 So Mr. Dershowitz, how would you feel if people moved on your property and keep pushing a little further off your property?

I'm Sorry for going on and on, but Alan Dershowitz   "Sticks in my craw" It's just he believes he is so right and others so wrong and on this subject does he think he can solve the middle East problems? News Flash! no one will ever solve it. But US. will go broke trying. OH! sorry we are broke and now work for China. It was said that china will take over American without firing a shot.
But if we have to move out of the United States we can go to the nations we have given billions to for years like Israel



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