01 May, 2011

Humans most Intelligent on Earth?

I hear people say that we humans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Do you really believe that?

If true why do people build homes on sides of mountains, cities below sea level or close to the sea and live and work in tall buildings on earthquake vault lines. Humans also build expensive home close to Forrest prone to fires. We also live next to rivers that are prone to floods, or in tornado alley. What is funny is today we have all the information we need to see the safest places to live. And to think there are people that believe natures tragedies’ are Gods work. Many say they do not trust most politicians yet the last 44 president of the United States we put in office were former politicians. We believe all the propaganda we see put out by the candidates backed by the richest Americans and special interest group that by the office, like 9 out of 10 presidents voted in had the most funds as well has over 80% of the Senate seats.

Picking presidents in last 40 years that have taken American down the drain is not just the voters fault but shares the responsibility with the Media, (CNN the most guilty i.e. Trump) that only interviews well know, well funded, candidates. We say we are very caring people yet we fund going out into space and weapon toys for the boys and cut funding That helps Elderly, disabled mothers and children. Then our politicians put 6000 ear-marks (pork) into the recent budget. The smallest amount in pork goes to a tattoo parlor located in San Lois Obispo California for a tattoo removal program. Before I forget do not forget to book passage on the $3,000,000.000 space ship to go to the moon. See presidential candidate, well educated, not a politician and from the middle class living on Social Security. He is not asking for funding.



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