02 May, 2011

bin laden dead ?

          Please note exact mouth and teeth position and beard outline in live photo and alleged dead photo

After 10 years why would the President order bin laden body be dumped in ocean. Also I find it amazing all the great shots in his face that show a lot of distortion. We all know what Hollywood makeup artist can do.( see photos.) CNN reported not sure if he was running away? really great shooting to hit him so many times in the face with is back showing As president I would have ordered his body to be brought5 to American soil where thousands of American dies by his order. If the special farces have brought dead bodies back in rescue operations, but not bin laden? I would have his DNA tested and finger prints showed to the world. My God the President Obama decision not to order his body back to the United States will lead to conspiracy and people will always have doubts. It is like a football player kicking the longest field goal  attempt in history of football, 9.5 Yards and just missing the goal by a hair. I know that great retaliation is to come to American and there are a Hundred bin laden surrogates to take is place as the war goes on. As president my first order would to get out and stay out of every Muslim nation.

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