21 May, 2011

About Herman Cain and About Charles Harvey candidates for President2012

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. ~Oscar Ameringer

About Herman Cain: My Story

“I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by loving and hardworking parents. We grew up poor, but we grew up happy. Things weren't always easy, but my mom and dad knew that if they kept their faith in God, faith in themselves and their faith in the greatest country in the world, they, too, could achieve their American Dream.”


About: Charles Harvey: My Story

“I was born in Oceanside California, after my mother went in labor at the Del Mar Race track, I was told Grandpa drove her to hospital where I was born. Yes I have my Birth Certificate. Then he went back to the track because he won. It was a long shot like myself.

Mother gave me the first name Charles, because Grandpa wanted me name after his best friend, a bookie in Watsonville, California. I came from serious alcoholic family that included grandpa, Mother and my father I never saw what my father looked like until I found his brother 40 years later, when they gave me pictures that included a sister I did not know I had. We both were abandoned, When I found her she contracted MS at age 27 and died in her bed in her 60s. Thank God my brother-in-law was a good husband, but always someone has it tougher than us, He lost my Sister and the same year within months lost a daughter to cancer and contracted Parkinson disease I had no dreams or hopes because I was raised in lots of foster homes, Salvation Army and Boys Republic, In chino California experienced. ever sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse. But God helped me survive it. But then the Genetic alcoholic gene that ran rampant through my entire family history on both side of the families, the Millers and the Harvey's. So I found drinking after I joined the Navy and it felt wonderful it made me feel I belonged and could do anything. Best of all is most of my child hood was blocked by drinking lots helped. So after landing on skid row 2 times both physical and spiritually, as they say I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I got help Feb,22, 1979 and have not drank since for over 32 years. I went back to high schools and 3 colleges full time and completewd it in years..

Harry Reid stated: " faith in the greatest country in the world"

                                            I find that amazing since American since
the United States had less than 5% of the world's population

                         U.S. Leads The World In Illegal Drug Use

                      That the  2.3 million, ... The land of the free jails more people than China
or Russia

            We spent over $13.3 billion on pornography in the United States

The U.S. comes in 2ND Place with 54.8 %

U.S. Leads Richest Nations In Gun Deaths

The United States has by far the highest rate of gun deaths -- murders, suicides and accidents -- among the world's 36 richest nations, a government study found

U.S. Consumes the Most Oil

19,650,000 barrels/day

Japan is second with 5,290,000 barrels/day

The US alone accounts for over two-fifths (or just under half) of the world’s spending on Military.
Herman Cain believes in strong miltary
Charles Harvey believes it is the strongest in the world now
If we stay out of Muslim nations politics We would not have gone to war with Iraq, Afghanistan and libya, and wasted Lives and money

US wastes half its food
Since 1961 Over 100 high level Federal Employee found guilty of a variety of crimes from the House of Representative to the president of the United States
the US fallen way behind in Education
We spend more money on wars by interfering with other nations and causung deaths in the Tens of thousands. Mostly all MUslam Countries
United States now owes communist China $1.5 trillion. That’s an average of $6,000 owed per American.
we owe totally to foreign countries  $14 trillion 20%  interest  is $2.8 trillion
the United States paid more to its foreign creditors than it took in from its overseas investments -- the first time that's happened in 91 years. The gap was relatively small, $2.5 billion for the quarter, when measured against a $13 trillion economy,
The U.S spends about $18.7 billion dollars on space exploration (NASA's budget for Fiscal Year 2010). That equates to a little over one half of one percent (0.53%) of the total U.S. federal budget of $3.1 Trillion and a $14 Trillion economy.
 Yet at $705 billion (which includes Iraq and Afghanistan), the military is consuming over one quarter of the entire federal budget of $2.4 trillion. This percentage is even higher when you consider that half of those funds are already belong to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid trusts.
Major companies like GE made Billion id profit pay no taxes
Many American companies outsource our jobs and use off shore accounts.
and have their products sold in America are made in part or all in foreign countries.
So Mr. Herman Reid I understand why you have to use the rhetorical political campaign Buzz words that most all politicians say because they think that is what Americans want to hear. Like "American is great! "Build the Economy"  "I am grateful for this country that is so exceptional "
Herman Cains professional Career is outstanding and he accomplished a lot.
Charles Harvey did not make lots of money but did 30 years of community work and the pays was no great, but the rewards were outstanding helping people to help themselves.Never had real Big titles, but my favorites was when people called me the voice in the wilderness.
Herman Cain has a staff, money and asking for funds.
He also like all others gets media coverage.
Charles Harvey has Himself and his 2 dogs and is spending own money out of his $2023.00 Social Security check.
I announced my candidacy on You Tube March 3, 2011 03:33 PM
And ask media to give me some air time but have received none.
You think they are bias Herman.
One last note to Mr, Herman Cain to you and the public.
As my Education was in Social Work and also working in law enforcement I studied profiling. I watch your video and so a large ego with lots of pride and a great powerful voice, but you spoke from your head not you heart.

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