30 April, 2011

American Corporations cut 500,000 jobs -Then hired 729,000 workers overseas.

Many large American corporations cut U.S. payroll on 500,000 jobs.  They hired 729,000 workers overseas. These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. See the list list of US companies confirmed are "Exporting America."

A recent special on ABC, Diane Sawyer reported if each American did just 1 percent of their shopping (that’s 18 cents a day or $65 a year) on American-made products, it would put 200,000 people to work.
Americans use to buy 9 out of 10 American made products, today lest than 5 out of ten.
Americans needs to come up with a solution. Our Presidents and politicians have done nothing to to solve this problem. It is evident that the many alleged American Companies seem to care less for Americans and more for those on foreign soil.

See the list of US corporations making products in America


See list of American made appliances


GE, the largest American Corporation? is the leader in out sourcing jobs, Manufacturing. Not paying taxes and off shore banking.( More on GE Next Blog.)

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