29 April, 2011

A freind asked about how far left or right should a President 2012 be?

I say the measurement of how far left and right a candidate should be, would be to look at the Presidents from 1980 with Ronald Reagan to president Obama. Where did their beliefs and action fall under the coined term Far left and far Right. That would give you some guidelines. But you must take out of the equations of those with special interest groups and power brokers behind them to influence their wishes over those of the presidents. Remember Money bought the Presidential seat 9 out of 10 presidents. I have not measured my swing...But I try to keep it level with the main thrust being what I do will it to help the majority of Americans, the middle class. Keep you heart on American First and the middle class people in your site and and your mind on the best for all. Also Prayers does wonders.

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