17 February, 2017

The American Voters Are Like Sheep Being Led By Shepherds Of Evil And Do Not Know It?

Remember when we were children and the teacher would catch two kids fighting, and each child would blame each other and take no irresponsibility? Welcome to Congress. First, I would like to say I'm a proud non-partisan that does a thorough background check on each Political Candidate running for office in Congress and the Oval Office. I also check the family history as that old saying the apple does not fall from the tree. You know that adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" And to give a perfect example here is a picture of one family that had two presidents and one Senator.

Here is a true story for all you Bush Supporters:

It's important to note that all the Americans voters rely on Corporate American Media to make decisions. The purpose is to control the people with misinformation, no information, and Government and Corporate propaganda. How many of you read all the information on this evil family in American Media? (None) Then you have the die hard partisan that votes right down his party lines? What the voters do not realise or what to accept is they share in the death and maiming of Tens of Thousands of Civilian lives and thousands of American live by their ignorance and laziness to seek facts and information on all political candidates? They do not know that all the military interventions around the globe since WWII created, instigated, manipulated by those behind the powers such as World Banks, including The Bilderberg Group. President Roosevelt and some advisors knew that Japan was going to strike Pearl Habor and did not order our fleet out of harm's way. They provoked Japan, by cutting off all oil supplies. Our leaders wanted to control Japans Location with American Military towards their global domination.Also, before dropping the first nuclear bomb on humans in Japan Officials knew that the Emporer of Japan was going to surrender, however, the politicians wanted to test their new toy and to show Russian that they had a bigger and more powerful Penis than them. 
They told The American people that they were the only military targets? That was a lie, but the American people choose to live in a denial because if they knew the truth, the would have to accept responsibility, so, as always since the genocide of the Native American Indian until today the American Voters chooses to live in a steady state of denial? The Truth is that Our Government and the top brace at the Pentagon picked the wealthiest and most educated areas because they believed that the Japanese victims that did survive could convince the less educated and poorer citizens to surrender. Over 400,000 Japenese civilians of all ages were the victims to be incinerated alive. Also, there was over a hundred Americans that suffered the same ghastly death. The lucky people died instantly rather than to suffer waiting for the Radiation to kill them slowly? And for good measure, our Military Fire Bombed Tokyo with over a 100 Bombers for three days. The Victims were mostly school age children and infants at home made out of wood and paper that burns fast and hot. Next time you roast marshmallows over a fire let it catch fire until covered in black and this is what humans looked like that were close to the blast. Do I think my White American brothers and sisters Care? They have not cared for nonwhite skinned people since the pilgrims landed and took black slaves and killed Native American Indians. However, you love that version you were taught that the Pilgrims sat down and ate turkey and corn with the Indians. It's popular in school and church plays still today. Hell, we Celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering America when he did not, and what is worse has he committed genocide on Native Indians and enslaved Blacks. However, that's ok because us white American's carried on his evil deeds.

While we are on the subject of Black people, here is some information you never knew or most likely did not care to know?

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