20 December, 2016

America Massacred Civilians Inv

 Ask the American media why they had a total blackout of the illegal invasion of Panama a sovereign nation, that under George H.W. Bush, Supported by Evangelist and Moral Majority and burn down poor people home causing over 20,000 to be homeless, 17 mass graves with bodies of civilians of all ages, with two of the mass grave on US military bases. Other bodies were Bushed into the water. Panamanian men wearing civilian clothes have their hands tied behind your back and shot in the back of the head just like the Nazi's and ISIS-ISIL. They even ran over cars with family including children with tanks. 

And the irony is that George H.W. Bush was supported by (Supported Evangelist and Moral Majority  as  CIA Director, gave Noriega a raise to $100,000 that equals around $220,000 today to smuggling arms from Israel, and drugs to Iran-Contra. When George H.W. Bush became president he said the famous words about Noriega that his son George W. Bush said about Saddam Hussein, that he is Evil and has to go.  And you know who made it possible for the Bushes to get into office?  Yes, the pious Evangelist and a moral majority. Supported by Evangelist and the Moral Majority, as they did Nixon and Reagan.  former president Nixon was a crook, and Ronald Reagan had "the most corrupt administration in American history" 

 Evangelist and Moral Majority have blood on their hands of hundreds of thousands of civilians and Americans.  I hear both politicians and religious leaders say they haven't killed in the name of God for over 400 Years years? That is true because now they vote in  presidents that will kill for them. The religious people have written over 100 different Bibles in the last 200 years with no two Bibles being alike, and different Versions. The irony is they tell you that the Bible is God's words, however, they have to interpret it differently since God did not have the ability to communicate to humans so the can understands what he said.


  1. They will have to live with what they have sown .

  2. Keep spreading the knowledge , let all know and choose their paths .