02 August, 2016

Is Donald Trump The Bilderberg Groups Puppet?

Three Things that Anger White American's

1.  Saying anything bad about Muslim's.

2. Burning, of the American Flag even if 94% are Made In China.

3. To Question a President's Justifications for a War against Nonwhite People.

I found it interesting that Mr. Khan pulled a small pamphlet of the United States Constitution  out of his suit pocket that just happened to be in his coat pocket as he told Donald Trump that he never read the Constitution and he would lend his copy to him. How many Congress Members do you think read the United State Constitution?

The BuilderBerg Group, The Puppet Master's are pulling the Strings of their American Media Puppet's and members of the Group to pull out all the stops to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes president.

The latest attack on Trump for his comments on Khan and his silent wife. The father of a Muslim-American Army captain killed in Iraq offered a challenge to Donald Trump during a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Khizr Kahn's son, Humayun Khan, was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. The Headlines are as shocking against Donald Trump as they were when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor that Franklin D. Rosevelt and members of his Administration knew before it happened, and even provoked Japan to lash out. We cut off Japans sources of oil. Can you imagine any country going to war over oil?

The Media Frenzy
Donald Trump Smears Dead Muslim Soldier's Parents Over Their ...
Mother Jones
19 hours ago - Trump did not immediately weigh in, but when he was asked by the New ... on his comments to Dowd, saying that he believed Ghazala Khan had stayed ... telling MSNBC that the grief for the loss of her son is still so strong that ...
In response to Muslim father of fallen soldier, Donald Trump insists ...
Los Angeles Times

Democrats pounce on Donald Trump's comments about Khan family; Donald Trump, ... She probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. ... Ghazala Khan said in interviews Saturday that her son's death .

Donald Trump Criticizes Muslim Family of Slain US Soldier, Drawing Ire
www.nytimes.com/.../donald-trump-khizr-khan-wife-ghazala.htmlThe New York Times
 In an ABC interview, Mr. Trump implied that Ghazala Khan's silence while her husband spoke about their soldier son's death at the Democratic ... Ms. Khan did speak on Friday to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, saying she ...

Donald Trump Responds to Muslim Father Khizr Khan: 'I've Made a ...
The Daily Beast
 -MSNBC on Friday ... Khan, whose Muslim-American son died fighting for the U.S. in Iraq, ... though Trump's reaction to it was simply: "I'd like to hear his wife say something.".

Trump attacks Muslim father's Democratic convention speech | US ...
www.theguardian.com › US News › Donald TrumpThe Guardian
21 hours ago - Trump suggests Clinton campaign wrote speech given by Khizr Khan on son killed  ... Khan's wife 'probably … wasn't allowed to have anything to say' ... this week, rebuking Trump as unpatriotic and selfish as he did so.

People Are Shocked At What Trump Said To The Father Of A Fallen ...
At the DNC this last week Khizir Khan, a Muslim man whose son died in Iraq, ... it was Hillary saying these words about to a man whose son had sacrificed for this country. ... Why did he immediately attack a mother and father who lost their son ... And Many More . . .

White Non-Jewish American's are devastated when anyone says wrong things against Muslim's, Negro's, Mexican's, Latino's, Japanese and the Native-American Indians that founded American before-Mass Killer Christoper Columbus and Leaf Ericson. White American's hold these races and cultures close to their hearts and would do anything to help these person's cursed with non-white skin.

There is no doubt in my mind that  Evil, Immoral, Dishonest and Chronic Liar Hillary Clinton, and her Husband Bill, Hand Picked Khizir Khan.

1. An American Muslim Family.

2. A Muslim that is a successful Bussiness.

3. A Muslim Family that lost a child in the Middle East Wars That the Bush's created.

4. Speaks understandable  English. 5. Willing to go on news broadcasting to continue the hate and smear campaign Against Trump. Also, this will bring in a lot of Business to Khizir Khan that is a Lawyer.


I said Earlier that no one can beat the Bilderberg Group and they always get what they want and what they want is Hillary as President.

The other thing I said about Trump was that it's possible the Bilderberg Group are Using Trump as a distractor to blow away all the Republican Presidential Candidate which Trump did very well.

The Bilderberg Group are so great at False Flags, Killing people, Wars,  Political up evil and never being caught. 98% of the American People no nothing about them because like voting for presidents the depend on the American Media that are part of the Bilderberg Group a.nd promote their agenda.

1. If the Bilderberg Group is behind Donald Trumps diverting voters to Hillary Clinton this is how they would do it.

2. Donald Trump is to be off the charts when it comes to being politically incorrect and does not follow the usual script that is written for Presidential Candidate that research has shown what the voters want to hear.  DONE

3. Get Trump to piss off the American Women that most have resentments and unresolved anger toward men chasing them to Hillary that is A"female." DONE
Think about it, WORDS drive American's bonkers! Especially women! Say one thing wrong about just one woman such as Rosie is a "Big Fat Pig" and a tsunami wave of anger spreads across our Nation affecting almost every women. Why, because women that get upset over words spoken have unresolved anger or/and insecurity.

4. Have Trump play on the profound racism in American that is buried deep within the darkest part of our hearts. Target Muslims, and Mexicans. DONE

5. Trump should befriend one of America's top Enemies Like Russia, That was never really our enemy. Our American Government has been telling us that Russia is our enemy for over half of a Century. Thy failed to tell the American people that Russia contributed more to winning WWII than any other nation. I know, You read American Media and saw all those great World War II movies that show the heroic American's winning everywhere almost single Handed? Only President John F. Kennedy told the people at a speech how much Russia did to help win WWII, and they lost over 90,000,000 lives. Kennedy spoke of peace Russian. However, he was assassinated a few months later. They did not kill him just for that, but also because  John F. Kennedy took the power of the Federal Reserve from the Rothchilds. And, after L.B. Johnson was sworn in as President upon Kennedy's death, a few months later L.B. Johnson signed  the powers of the Federal Reserve back to the  Rothschilds. Never mess with a man's powers and money.

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