10 July, 2016

A Very Grateful Non-Brainwashed, Nonpartisan, Without the Mental Diagnosis of Xenophobia

First I want to say to those people with sick minds, hearts, and closed minds and have below average knowledge of the truth. I am not homophobic; I do not hate or dislike any races, or cultures in the World. Good luck with any American believing that statement? They say that we are what we eat, and that is self-evident. And I say, we are what we think.

I am also nonpartisan and belong to no independent or third parties. I find The infamous two party, with one represented by a jackass that is noted for being stubborn and unpredictable. The other party represented by an overweight elephant with a huge derrière is known to push their weight around, with little regard for who is trample under their feet.
One party always blames the opposite parties, and both carefully avoid any responsibility. Both sides believe they had the answers to make it a better nation and world. And we have seen how well that is gone. Oh! I  know many will have a justification or excuse. And what is scary is that both parties put these people in Congress that have closed minds on both sides of the Isles. Their communication and patience are that of a Neanderthal-Homo sapiens.

What is sad is that the majority choose a party because of their parent's choices during the child, informative and Teenage Years.

So, leaving politics to enter the world of parents responsibilities.
Parents in America tend always to accept responsibility for their children one it regards something good. However, all bets are off if that child did something very wrong, The last thing they will do is accept any responsibility for that child they raised.
Was a child genetically born to hate?
Was a child genetically born to kill people? Was a child genetically born to join the largest prison population even passing China?
Insert picture child abuse
 Have you ever heard any parents accepting any responsibility for their child committing mass killings?
Do people think that Mr. roof that killed nine innocent victims in a church did that because of the Confederate Flag? Some flags symbolise hate. However, The Confederate flag never was based on hate, or targeting blacks. Too many Parents raised their children to grow up without high morals, values and respect for others. People picked the Confederate flag to expressed their hate for nonwhite people. The Ku Klux Klan pick the Confederate flag to Express their hate for nonwhites especially blacks.

If we have to take things down that offends people. Should we take down the flag that represents the homosexuality Community? Should we be upset at the White House for making the White House show the colors of the Gay community that consist of around 3% of our population? Should we remove the 90% of the American flags made in China? Many people think we should not display them. When is America going to accept that we Americans, and parents through all generations are responsible for racism, and The moral decay in every aspect of America's culture? We just do not have the balls to say we are wrong about anything. We're cowards to stand up to our Government that kill millions and create false flags, Is it because we are cowards? Or is it if they aren't White we just do not care?
We have elected Ku Klux Klan members to lead our nation:
Harry S Truman.
Senator Robert Byrd.
Chief Justice Edward Douglas White.
Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.
Senator Theodore G. Bilbo.
Senator Rice William Means.
Bibb Graves 38th governor of Alabama
Edward L. Jackson, a Republican and 32nd Governor of Indiana.
David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white nationalist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, a far-right politician, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.[6][7] A former one-term Republican Louisiana State Representative, he was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and the Republican presidential primaries in 1992.
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