01 June, 2016

The Force Is Not With The People

Like, I  said in April, that the Pro-Corporate American Media will devour every scrap of negativity on Donald Trumps like starved Hyenas attack their prey.

However, everything the Media throws at Trump Backfires and he gain more votes. How low can President Obama go to make an international negative statement about a presidential  Candidate?   It's the best endorsement, Hillary Clinton could have received on her Campaign trail to become President of The United States of America. President Obama, like Bush, is using  {{fear}} tactics to promote their agendas,

 Bush used {{fear)) to start a War in Iraq based on lies, as is President Obama creating {{fear)) to Stop voters from voting for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump as President of The United States. So, earlier II thought  Trump was a divergent for Hillary Clinton because The Bilderberg Group. wants  Hillary to be President.

The Bilderberg Group will use the media that are members of the group in good standing. Just look how The Bilderberg Group helped make Jimmy Carter president with  little or no chance of winning through their power in media. The Bilderberg Group were instrumental in having Iran not to release the American Hostages until after Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President.

The Bilderberg Group  made sure Bush won the disputed election because Gore would hurt  profits for corporate America with his environmental goals and gun control laws.

The Bilderberg Group is the spearhead of The New World Order. (See Chart *1) They have held closed meetings every year with the World leaders of Nations, Corporations, World Banks, Pentagon, and the owners of American and International Media.
Also, Presidents of The United States, Congress Members, and high ranking official of the pentagon, CSI, NSA, and Homeland Security that is a federal offense under the Logan Act.

It's so sad that the American voters still believe their vote counts. It's like a person going to Los Vegas believing they will be a winner when the reality  the House always wins in the long run.

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