27 September, 2015

It's Sad What Christian's have done to Jesus Christ Church

It's sad what Christian's have done to Jesus Christ Church

The White Christian's have written over 100 Bibles in English since around the 1600's, with no two Bibles written alike verbatim.

 There are many Versions of Gods Word  in the Holy Bible available in Modern Times:  

  • New International Version, 
  • New Living Translation,
  •  English Standard Version,
  • New American Standard Bible,
  •  American Standard Version,
  •  King James Bible, King James 2000 Bible,
  • American King James Version, 
  •  Holman Christian Standard Bible,
  • International Standard Version, 
  • NET Bible,  
  • Aramaic Bible in Plain English,
  •  GOD'S WORD® Translation,
  •  Jubilee Bible 2000, 
  • Douay-Rheims Bible, 
  • Darby Bible Translation, 
  • English Revised Version, Webster's Bible Translation, Weymouth New Testament, 
  • World English Bible, 
  • Young's Literal Translation. 

You would think that we Christian's would have got together and make One Bible for all Christian denomination? What does the Catholic's know, they have been around approximately 2,000 years since it's promulgation at Pentecost when Christ commissioned His apostles to go forth and preach to and baptize all nations. Also, there are Protestant 6.15%, Orthodox 3.96%, Anglican 1.26%), 

Muslim 23.20% (of which Sunni 75-90%, Shia 10-20%, Ahmadi 1%), Hindu 13.8%, Buddhist 6.77%, Sikh 0.35%, Jewish 0.22%, Baha'i 0.11%, other religions 10.95%, non-religious 9.66%, atheists 2.01% (2010 est.).

There are 37,000 non-Christian 
Religious denominations in the World, that believe their religion is the true church. 

Many pastor's have lost their spiritual spine in fear they may get on the wrong side of those that can fire them, or do not want to loose members of the congregation, and loose offerings that pays the bills.

Bless  America!!! " Do Christian's ask God to Bless The Devil and his deeds?

That is what their asking, for the sins of our nation that is so vile and evil. Hypocritical uninformed American's tell the World We live in the greatest country in the World. It is not the fact it is such a conceited statement made by so many alleged Christian's. What I find ironic it is so far from the truth, in fact it is a lie.

"We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, number four in labor force and number four in exports. We lead the world in only three categories. Number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real and defense spending..."

In Sorkin's honor, here are 25 other things America isn't number one in:
America ranks 13th in starting a business, according to the Doing Business rankings compiled by The World Bank.
The U.S. ranks 47th in press freedom, according to Reporters Without Borders. So much for freedom of the press.
The U.S. ranks 20th in international trade, according to the Doing Business rankings compiled by The World Bank.
The U.S., which ranks 15th in dealing with debt insolvency according to the Doing Business rankings.
The U.S. is ranked 10th in economic freedom, according to The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.
The U.S. is 25th among 43 developing countries for the best place to be a mother, according to Save The Children.
The U.S. is only the 11th happiest country in the world, according Columbia University's Earth Institute.
There are 21 countries better than America in freedom from corruption, according to Heritage.org.
The U.S. was ranked 24th in perceived honesty, according to Transparency.org.
America is ranked 39th in income inequality according to the CIA World Factbook.
Need a Hepatitis B vaccination? The U.S. is ranked 89th in percentage of children who have been vaccinated according to the World Health Organization.
The U.S. is only 47th in infant survival? That's true, according to the CIA World Factbook.
Want to live a long life? Don't live in the U.S., which is 50th in life expectancyaccording to the CIA World Factbook.
How well is our economy growing? The U.S. GDP growth rate is ranked 169th out of 216 countries, according to the CIA World Factbook.
Our GDP per capita is only 12th in the world, behind Qatar and Liechtenstein, says the CIA World Factbook.
Our unemployment percentage is worse than 102 of the 200 countries listed by the CIA World Factbook.
The U.S. is an embarrassing 142nd out of 150 countries in infrastructure investment, according to the CIA World Factbook.
America's budget deficit is ranked 192nd in debt relative to GDP, according to the CIA World Factbook.
The growth rate of our industrial production is ranked 79th, according to the CIA World Factbook.
The U.S. is only 11th in oil exports, according to the CIA World Factbook.
Our oil reserves is only the 13th most in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook.
The U.S. is ranked 192nd, dead last, in the net trade of goods and services,according to the CIA World Factbook.
Our reserve of foreign exchange and gold is ranked 19th, according to the CIA World Factbook, right behind Indonesia.
The U.S. is ranked the 28th best soccer team by FIFA.
In terms of the percentage of women holding public office, the U.S. ranks 79th out of 147 countries, says the IPU.

94 Percent Of American Flags Imported Into The U.S. Last Year Came From China


As a veteran, and for my Navy father that lost an arm while in service, my Marine Grandfather; and let's include  our brothers in arms that came back with the flag draped over  their coffin, too make the naïve voters, that helped kill thousands of American's feel better and patriotic . . . Hooyah! And gives the motivational support that our government needs from the people to continue invasions under lies and deceptions. We thank you for your narrow mined self-serving ignorance that has cost the lives of several hundred thousand innocent civilians, that included infants, children and entire families.

People that say this are people that never verify or seek the truth. they live in a Fantasy Reality, and accept livening in a lie. If they were to accept the hideous crimes committed by our country, they would have to own it, and accept Responsibility. 

Many church going Christian's often take some Bible passage as meant for others, not them. A perfect example would be: " Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: ◄ Jeremiah 5:21 ►KJV

Would Christians ask God to Bless Osama bin Laden? What ever our government tells us that is evil, either country or individuals, Christian's believe it? They support Israel that has done deeds worse than ISIS? Why, because the Bible says the Jews are the chosen ones. The United States of America far exceeds the bottom both things that are far worse than the old committed by ISIS, Such as beheading people, executing people, and burning people alive. Christian's do not want to know these thing? Their standard answer is: It's God's will." Good luck debating these issues with Christian's.

There are more than 200 distinct Christian bodies in the United States. 
population as 7,095,217,980 (July 2013 est.) and the distribution of religions as Christian 31.50% (of which Roman Catholic 16.85%, shunned by many America Christian's. But , after all, 
So, in my meditation I hear the thoughts of the Holy Ghost telling me to tell Christian's not to ask Gods Blessing a nation under the Devil, that shall be destroyed with the self-righteous, self-proclaimed Christian's that he shall say I know them not not.
So beg for Gods forgiveness for your self and America. The American Christian's have divided Christ Church.
 Christ told Peter that upon this rock I will build my church. But with Great Sorrow Christ will build a rock upon the millions of graves inscribed: "I knew them not.

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