22 May, 2015


Presidency 2016  


Pogo Mochello Allen-Reese (Texas)
John Anderson Jr. (California)
Skip Andrews (Kansas)
Ray Antley Jr. (North Carolina)
George Bailey Jr. (Mississippi)
Michael Baldwin (Missouri)
Danielle Berhane (Arizona)
Michael Bickelmeyer (Ohio)
Virgil Bierschwale (Texas)
John Bizga (New Jersey)
Tony Bonificia Jr. (New York)
Kerry Bowers (Nevada)
Dominique Brown (Pennsylvania)
George Brucato (Nevada)
Gary Caissie (Oklahoma)
Francis Castleberry (Florida)
Dale Christensen (Missouri)
Brian Ari Cole (Pennsylvania)
Scott Cole (North Carolina)
Melody Crombie (Maryland)
Ezekiel George Crotzer (Michigan)
Tim Day (Texas)
Paul DeBow (Louisiana)
Paul Delong (Pennsylvania)
Mike Diggs (Arkansas)
Kenneth Donaldson (Texas)
Patrick Drake (Georgia)
Wanda Duckwald (Oklahoma)
Douglas Duke (Alabama)
Ronald Duke (Alabama)
John Dummett Jr. (California)
Nicholas Evans (Oklahoma)
Stuart Farber (Florida)
Jack Fellure (West Virginia)
Bruce Gidner (Michigan)
Jim Hayden (Tennessee)
Eugene Hunt Jr. (Michigan)
Justin Hyde (California)
Kins Jeroboan (New York)
Roger Jewell (Arizona)
D. Royce Jones (Texas)
Tyrone Julius (District of Columbia)
Brenda Justice (New York)
Tim Kalemkarian (California)
Marc Keller (Oregon)
Michael Kinlaw (Colorado)
John Lee (Texas)
Jerry Leonard (North Carolina)
Renee Loetscher (Florida)
Aurora Lopez (Washington)
Bartholomew James Lower (Michigan)
Dennis Michael Lynch (New York)
Joan Malone (District of Columbia)
Barbara Mae Markovich (Montana)
Mike Martisko (Pennsylvania)
Mickey Meade (California)
Raymond Miller (Idaho)
Tiffani Mims (Texas)
James Mitchell Jr. (Illinois)
Timothy Moore (Washington)
Scot Olewine (Puerto Rico)
Richard Peter (Texas)
Michael Petyo (Indiana)
Deshon Porter (Illinois)
Jim Rundberg (Colorado)
Brian Russell (Florida)
Douglas Sabbag (Florida)
Ole Savior (Minnesota)
Larry Scarborough (California)
Jefferson Sherman (Maryland)
Mark Sleggs (New York)
Silvia Stagg (New York)
Joseph Stetson (South Carolina)
Sherlene Stevens (District of Columbia)
Rickey "Joe" Story (Florida)
Michael Szczepanski New York)
Dwayne Tomlinson (Florida)
Vern Wuensche (Texas)

Based on my research of The Bilderberg Group, the spearhead for The New World Order that will be initiated  before elections held on November 8, 2016 by President  Obama declaring martial law, that would suspend the elections leaving President Obama in power. If election are held, before Martial  Law is implemented; Then The Bilderberg Group would pick Jeb Bush because of his families long linage in World Banking, and holding other powerful positions in power, that followed The New World Orders agenda.
With his best Customer

There is a Third choice that The Bilderberg may decide on, is Hillary Clinton if they want the chaos, and civil unrest, and wars she can bright to America.

 It would not be hard because of the large number of American woman that would vote for her. They only have two requirements to pick a President for 2016. 1. The must have a Vagina. 2. They must concentrate on woman's Issues. The fact that she has lied, cheated, caused American lives, she has destroyed good peoples lives though false accusations that we disproved later after taking away their life savings defending themselves. This was so she could have a family member head a Department. 

The Bilderberg Group is the key part of "The Round Table" with several hundred member's of the "Council on Foreign Relations" (CFR) have served in the Presidents Administration for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton,  George W. Bush; and  President Obama. Included in these Presidents Administration has been members o the "Trilateral Commission." Notice below how they are interconnected circle interaction with each other working for those with power and money. The people believing they pick the President of The United States every fours years is a self-illusion that they feed you every day, and night of your life, through all forms of Media the own or control.

Here is a few pictures to show you how easy for The Bilderberg Group to put who the want in the White House.

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