16 May, 2015

Example of What a False Flag, Black Flag Ops looks Like - Used byTheBilderberg Group


Please note that the original video that was posted on YouTube was removed. And this video has been edited and does not show (1) and (2a) Also this edited Video deleted my description of what I saw in (4), (5), (6), that would validate improper police procedures, and provide evidence that this was a False Flag Ops.

1. Notice he appears out of nowhere in the upper right hand corner

2. (a) Noticed that he does not take the shorter route diagonally to intercede, however he Continues straight across (b) where other people are standing before proceeding to confront the police officers.

3. Notice that when the mans swings to hit the officers head it misses and instead it goes around his neck as they Wrestle to the ground. 

4. Then the second office appears to kick his head, this is an old stunt kick where the person down real hard making contact with the pavement close to the person making it as he kicked his head when in fact the officer press down on the pavement
Stopping his shoe before contact.

5. Also notice how there's surrounded by a crowd of people of the same race as the person they are arresting, and do not keep looking around concerned about the crowd attacking.

6. Then leaving the black arrested on the ground while cuffing the White man. Then leaving the white man on the ground.
This gave both suspect the opportunity to try and escape; then they would have to shoot them.

This type mission is to have the blacks attack the officers, while arresting the black in the center of the street, while being surround by people 360°. This is not a safe procedure. In law enforcement training we were taught to have backup in these situation, and too take the handcuffed suspect to the least exposed  location for safety for the police, and the suspect.

When the blacks failed to riot they pulled in the white decoy in hopes of the blacks joining in the attack. Most likely the police had ample back up including swat teams. 

I can tell you as a former honest law-enforcement person, and whistle-blower, that all the headline shootings of blacks in the last Year were not sanction By any code of ethics or any standards of ethical behavior by those in law enforcement, that take an oath to Protect and Serve the people.

 If the Black's do not start riots over the wrongful killing of blacks; then The Bilderberg Group will have to create one of their events referred to both as ("A false flag, or a black ops.") 

As to the 2016 election, The elitist of The New World Order will most likely pick Jeb Bush as the next President of United States. 
The New World Order may go with Hilary Clinton since they had put Bill into Office for two terms If Jeb keep acting like a buffoon at all his public appearances.

The reason they would pick Jeb Bush is because of the Bush family dynasty that included World Banking, with people that believed in World Order, and Global dominance; such as Adolf Hitler and Prescott Bush

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