20 November, 2014

President Obama on Immigration - I believe that Jesus Christ is pleased

I disagreed with both former Presidents Bush, and President, Obama who caused so many deaths of American, Allies, and several hundred thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan in regards to our presence in the Middle East. They both lied about victory in Iraq, Bush in 2003, Obama in 2011.

 I also disagree with both former Presidents Bush, and President, Obama bailing out Wall Street to the tune of seven billion plus.
  All I also disagree with both former Presidents Bush, and President, Obama on hiring so many executives from Wall Street Corporations that screwed the middle class, American's.

However, tonight, November 20, 2014, after listening to president Obama's executive action plan in regards to immigration; I give president Obama an, A+.  As a Christian(Sinner) I agreed with him on every issue for implementing his plan.  It was an outstanding presentation by the Pesident of the United States.
 I had no doubt that he spoke from his heart.  However the sad part is that it will fall on the deaf ears, and cold hearts of our politicians and the American voters.

Paraphrasing Jeremiah 5:21 : "O foolish" Voters, "and" Congress "without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:"

It's sad to say that our nation is filled with angry Caucasians, that have an acute case of xenophobia, especially toward Afro Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Our American history proves that beyond a shadow of the doubt. Most Americans today have a closed mind, a close heart, and Point the finger of guilt at others.  They do not, buy most part accept responsibility for any mistakes.  They see the wrongs in another's, however they never do an honest moral inventory of themselves.  When they look into a mirror they only see the superficial reflections of their outer selves.  For their greatest fear is, they'll see the enemy, and the enemy is themselves. However, I can take comfort in knowing how Jesus Christ would have handle the immigration problem.

Why are there so many Americans against Latino immigration?


The Economist explains: Why America can't fix its immigration ... 
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THERE are an estimated 11m-12m immigrants living in the United States illegally, most of them Latino. Many have families, jobs and property, and far deeper 

 He was the Hispanic-American face of the Iraq War. His death was tragedy for his colleagues,         friends and family. US Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta was killed during the Battle of Fallujah                                                       
Bush Cronies Deny American Latino Soldier´s Medal of Honor! His Mother Cries!
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