25 October, 2014

Reading the Body Langage of the President

First thing President should do this fire the person who is responsible a projecting the best image possible to people of all nations. The picture below is absolutely the worst image for the public to see when you're telling the world about Ebola, and how hard it is to catch it.

If the CIA-America, MASSAD -Israel, M-5, Britain, and the KGB -Russia if charged with both physical safety, and public image during the threat of a deadly virus worldwide; would never have allowed the picture below to be seen by the public. 
"Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease chief at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recently sat down to share an update on Ebola. He spoke about the measures the Administration is taking to respond to Ebola cases at home, while containing the epidemic at its source in West Africa.

Speaking from his office at the NIH headquarters in Bethesda, MD, Dr. Fauci stressed that Ebola is not an easily transmitted disease and laid out the facts on how the disease spreads."

P.S. -- In today's weekly address, President Obama spoke to the nation about how America continues to respond to Ebola. Click here to watch.

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Negative Exposure  

So allow me to interpret the body language of the president of the United States in the pictures above:
  1. [Head] Notice his head is turned away from the person at around a 40° angle.
  2. [Mouth-lips] Closed tightly facial muscles engaged tightly
  3. [Eyebrows-eyelids] engaged down.
  4. [Eyes] eyelids/eyelashes closed to filter elements from the sclera that is the outermost of the three layers that is a tough, fibers to issue that surrounds but my ball.
  5. [Spine/back] Arched in a protective avoidance position.
  6. [Right hand] fingers partly closed before contact on her back?
  7. [Right arm] Unusually bent for a normal hug at his distance from the girl
  8. Whereas the girls left arm appears to be in a straight forward position, as to engage in a full normal embrace at the same distance away as the president is. It appears that the girls left hand to be more open based on the visibility of hypothenar muscles in the region of the dorsum of the left hand.

Please note the complete difference in the pictures of President Obama hugging in public and the White House.


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