11 September, 2014

America be very Scared

May God forgive us White American's that slither in the dark abyss of denials, and lies. That, wag their forked tongues spewing gossip about others, for they are: "foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:" Jeremiah 5:21

And, dear God forgive us for our committing blasphemy by continuing to say that We are "A Nation under God,"that continues to carry the Legacies of Sodom & Gomorrah. If the truth is to be know, we are a nation under the Devil, for we:

                                                             • Lead the world in divorces

• average 1 million abortions a year

       Burt Boehm, right, Richard Glenn, of Portland, celebrate their marriage
      at the Melody Ballroom on Monday. Photograph: Michael Lloyd/AP
• Approve of same-sex marriages

                                               • Believe that sex outside of marriage is OK

   • Are racists

• Have xenophobia

                                                            • Lead in school shootings

• Are materialistic and superficial
• Have more prisoners than any other free nation in the world
• We lead the world in illegal drugs purchases at 80%
• Our Government has committed military interventions through Covert Operations, and publicly through misinformation and lies of 37 nations since World War II.
Dear God unfortunately there's little hope as you well know. I could have just said that the United States America have turned its back on You, and your Son Jesus Christ's teaching.

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