06 March, 2018

can’t Pry a Gun from a Cold Dead Hand . . . if you cannot find the Hand

I pray that all the those that believe they need guns to protect themselves and their families from our United States government will not suffer long if they decide to go against our military. The United States is authorized to use drones against American citizens that are deemed a threat to the government. Our military has over 18,000 drones ready for immediate service if needed.

You cannot hear them or see them, and if lucky you won't feel Anything if near Ground Zero near the impact point.The kill zone is approximately a radius of 50 meters and casualty radius is 100 meters. 3.280 feet = 1 meter

Converted. And remember in combat more often than not, they will fire Mohawks missiles in the outer perimeter of the initial impact of the first missile and continue in a sequential   pattern of each 360° Previous strike zone. So, since a highly explosive device is detonated in each initial target, the velocity of the explosion is faster than the pain receptors in the human body are slower. So no pain is the victims gain. So here is information on Drone Surveillance in America and your chances to defend against them. Good luck, and Godspeed.

More info

The MQ-9 Reaper has an operational ceiling of 50,000ft, a maximum internal payload of 800lb and external payload over 3,000lb. It can carry up to four Hellfire II anti-armour missiles and two laser-guided bombs (GBU-12 or EGBU-12) and 500lb GBU-38 JDAM (joint direct attack munition). In May 2008, a USAF Reaper successfully test dropped four Raytheon GBU-49 Enhanced Paveway II 500lb bombs, which have laser and GPS guidance.

The MQ-9 sensor payload can include the General Atomics Lynx SAR (synthetic aperture radar). Lynx also features ground moving target indicator technology. The Predator is to be flight tested with an L-3 communications tactical common datalink (TCDL).

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