24 January, 2014

AP says Zimmerman painting is copy of AP photo

AP Photo: Rick Wilson

When I saw the mural painting above painted on a wall in the in the Town of Littleton located on the North West corner of Mosby and 158, at the Towns,  only stop light in the Town of Littleton. When I looked at it, I realized I'd seen the picture before. I went home, and in less than fifteen minutes I found it on my computer. I had seen it so many times over the years in movies as the Logo used by Lakeshore Entertainment [us] movie studios both Nationally and Internationally.

Lakeshore Entertainment [us]

In Development
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1.   Walk of Shame (2014) ... Production Company
2.   I, Frankenstein (2014) ... Production Company
3.   The Vatican Tapes (2014) ... Production Company
4.   Brilliant (2013) ... Production Company
5.   Stand Up Guys (2012) ... Production Company
6.   Gone (2012/I) ... Production Company
7.   One for the Money (2012) ... Production Company
8.   Underworld: Awakening (2012) ... Production Company (presents) (producer)
9.   Underworld: Endless War (2011) (V) ... Production Company
10.The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) ... Production Company (presents) (producer)
11.Fame (2009) ... Production Company (presents) (A Lakeshore Entertainment Production)
12.Gamer (2009) ... Production Company (presents)
13.The Ugly Truth (2009) ... Production Company
14.Crank: High Voltage (2009) ... Production Company (presents) (producer)
15.Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) ... Production Company
16.The Midnight Meat Train (2008) ... Production Company
17.Pathology (2008) ... Production Company (presents)
18.Elegy (2008/I) ... Production Company
19.Untraceable (2008) ... Production Company (presents) (producer)
20.Henry Poole Is Here (2008) ... Production Company (co-production)
21.Feast of Love (2007) ... Production Company
22.Blood and Chocolate (2007) ... Production Company
23.The Dead Girl (2006) ... Production Company
24.The Last Kiss (2006) ... Production Company
25.The Covenant (2006) ... Production Company
26.Crank (2006) ... Production Company
27.She's the Man (2006) ... Production Company (presents)
28.Half Light (2006) ... Production Company
29.Underworld: Evolution (2006) ... Production Company (present)
30.├ćon Flux (2005) ... Production Company
31.The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) ... Production Company
32.The Cave (2005) ... Production Company (A Lakeshore Entertainment Production)
33.Undiscovered (2005) ... Production Company
34.Million Dollar Baby (2004) ... Production Company (in association with)
35.The Keys to the House (2004) ... Production Company (in collaboration with)
36.Suspect Zero (2004) ... Production Company (in association with)
37.Madhouse (2004) ... Production Company
38.Wicker Park (2004) ... Production Company
39.Tooth (2004) ... Production Company
40.Underworld: The Making of Underworld (2004) (V) ... Production Company
41.Singing Behind Screens (2003) ... Production Company
42.Underworld (2003) ... Production Company
43.The Human Stain (2003) ... Production Company
44.Bulletproof Monk (2003) ... Production Company (in association with)
45.The Hunted (2003) ... Production Company
46.The Mothman Prophecies (2002) ... Production Company
47.The Gift (2000) ... Production Company
48.Autumn in New York (2000) ... Production Company (in association with)
49.The Next Best Thing (2000) ... Production Company
50.Passion of Mind (2000) ... Production Company
51.Runaway Bride (1999) ... Production Company (in association with)
52.Arlington Road (1999) ... Production Company (in association with)
53.200 Cigarettes (1999) ... Production Company
54.Phoenix (1998) ... Production Company (presents)
55.Polish Wedding (1998) ... Production Company
56.The Real Blonde (1997) ... Production Company
57.Murder in Mind (1997) ... Production Company
58.'Til There Was You (1997) ... Production Company
59.Going All the Way (1997) ... Production Company
60.Box of Moon Light (1996) ... Production Company (presents)
61.Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) ... Production Company
62.Bandwagon (1996) ... Production Company
63.Curfew (1989) ... Production Company
64.Adaline (????) ... Production Company
65.American Pastoral (????) ... Production Company
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1.   Feast of Love (2007) ... Distributor
2.   Million Dollar Baby (2004) ... Distributor (2004) (worldwide) (theatrical) (sales)
3.   The Keys to the House (2004) ... Distributor (2004) (worldwide) (theatrical)
4.   Tooth (2004) ... Distributor (2004) (UK) (all media)
5.   Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2003) ... Distributor
6.   Purpose (2002) ... Distributor
7.   The Gift (2000) ... Distributor (2000) (worldwide) (all media)
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9.   Female Perversions (1996) ... Distributor
10.I Shot a Man in Vegas (1995) ... Distributor
11.Lamp in the Desert (1922) ... Distributor
12.The Passionate Friends (1922) ... Distributor
13.Kipps (1921) ... Distributor
14.The Flame (1920) ... Distributor
15.Squandered Lives (1920) ... Distributor
16.The Hundredth Chance (1920) ... Distributor
17.At the Villa Rose (1920) ... Distributor
18.The Amateur Gentleman (1920) ... Distributor
19.The Barton Mystery (1920) ... Distributor
20.The Branded Soul (1920) ... Distributor (UK)
21.The Lure of Crooning Water (1920) ... Distributor
22.Comradeship (1919) ... Distributor
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2.   The Vatican Tapes (2014) ... Funding
3.   Fame (2009) ... Acknowledgement (is an author and creator of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws in all countries throughout the world) (as Lakeshore Entertainment Group LLC)
4.   The Making of 'Heat' (2005) (V) ... Photographs
5.   "The Real ....: Winona Ryder" (2003) ... Archive
6.   Swatch Dogs and Diet Coke Heads (2001) (V) ... Courtesy Of (scenes from Heathers © 1988 New World Pictures. All Rights Reserved)
7.   Dr. T and the Women (2000) ... Special Thanks

 All the town had to do was go on the computer to find the picture as I did.
Then all they had to do was ask a question such as I did:
  1. Question: Artist's Copyright FAQ: If I Change 10 Percent, Isn't It a New Image?
Answer: The belief that changing 10 percent of an image means you've created a new one is a myth (as is changing 20 percent or 30 percent). The fair use guideline is that you can use 10 percent of something.
It's certainly not a legal test, but as a rule of thumb consider whether, if your painting were put next to the painting or photo you're copying, would someone say you'd based it on the original? If so, you're risking copyright infringement. Don't fool yourself with this 10 percent change myth.

Then if they or their attorney had spend 30 minutes of research on the computer they would have found this as I did:

Copyright has never been an easy, black-and-white kind of issue. Arguments over copyright between creative happen all of the time, it’s an inescapable issue.
Read through some of these famous court cases that have created major public discourse over copyright — how it’s handled, what it means, and why we should all care.
1. Rogers vs. Koons
As you can see major changes under copyright laws did not satisfy the Courts.
Art Rogers, Puppies (1985) and Jeff Koons, String of Puppies (1988)
Photographer Art Rogers shot a photograph of a couple holding a line of puppies in a row and sold it for use in greeting cards and similar products. Internationally, renowned artist Jeff Koons in the process of creating an exhibit on the banality of everyday items, ran across Rodgers’ photograph and used it to create a set of statues based on the image. Koons sold several of these structures, making a significant profit. Upon discovering the copy, Rodgers sued Koons for copyright. Koons responded by claiming fair use by parody.
The court found the similarities between the 2 images too close, and that a “typical person” would be able to recognize the copy. Koon’s defense was rejected under the argument that he could have used a more generic source to make the same statement — without copying Roger’s work. Koons was forced to pay a monetary settlement to Rodgers.
This is one of those famous cases that encompassed a larger issue in the art world, the issue of appropriation art. Can you build upon another’s work to create your own original piece? And if you do so, does that constitute derivative work? It also brought up the issue of photography as art, was photography just a documentation of the world, or is it a creative and artistic product?
Neither of these issues was entirely answered by the case, of course, but it has also become a reference used in many cases afterward.
The town had picked a big one to violate copyrights on. The Corporation let them off easy and just told the town to make minor changes. copyright and other laws in all countries throughout the world) (as Lakeshore Entertainment Group LLC) The Mayor and commissioners were ok by the standards accepted my Lakeshore Entertainment Groups lawyer's; However the were not even close to meeting the legal guidelines of Copyright infringements. The town was safe. But like the last forty years they have not made any correct decision that did not hurt the town of cost the town financially through unneeded projects, using crooked contractors, or contractors that do the jobs wrong.
So the town thought they were legal in regards to the Town of Littleton with Lakeshore Entertainment Group LLC) as they were correct in the case of the Town of Littleton. However, they late a very large County show the Copyrighted mural image on the County Governments web page.
Lakeshore Entertainment Group LLC) let the tiny Town of Littleton off for two main reasons:
  1. The Town of Littleton financial then and not in the year 2014 do not have a pot to tinkle in.
  2. A major International Corporation would not what the bad press that would come as a result of them taking an small insignificant Littleton town to court.
However, The Major and Board as usual acted without facts, knowledge and a Littleton common sense.(like always) So they put the County at risk that would make nice PR for the studio as the were taking on formable opponent such  as large County. I did summit in writing the facts in this case that included proof of the County being vulnerable.

Now to share the total incompetence of the Major and the Board of Commissioner's, it get more Ironic:

They changed the White boy in the original copyrighted mural and made him an Afro-American leaping off a pier into the dark waters. The 48% percent  Afro-American's that are citizens in the Town of Littleton were not happy campers.

Then, The inept politicians in the Town of Littleton, talked all the merchants into paying a sum stated to be between  $5,000 and $10,000 Dollars to have an artist paint a mural that would reflect the Town of Littleton and the Merchants.

The Mayor and the Board of Commissioner often use the guidance of the Lake Gaston Chamber of Commerce (The Gastonian's are the people that have power, money, and influence.

Now, tell me a how an Afro-American boy jumping into the dark waters into the lake off a pier, 

with the Town of Littleton's famous slogan: on the mural saying: "Historic Littleton Gateway to Beautiful Lake Gaston"would help the Merchants in the Town of Littleton.
What a joke and sham pulled on the hard working local Merchants in the Town of Littleton. They were rightfully furious and some got their money back, Like the ones that had some influence and donated a thousands dollars to help all the merchants in the Town of Littleton.

The sad part is a local merchant in the Town of Littleton told me all the Mayor and or any Board member was to drive 17 miles north to a town of around 15,000 population and look at the mural painted on the side of the cities police station that was painted by the high School Students for free. 
The Lake people that live on the lake I call the Gastonia's. Also, the three most influential church's in the area that get support from Gastonia's giving them more influence with the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners for years. Most the Board of Commissioners live in the best houses in the best Neighborhood. In, fact Commissioner Sylvia Alston Owns a home in Lake Gaston and has been residing there instead of at the home of her Husband in the Town of Littleton. 
 Town of Littleton in houses not as nice, or in trailers, and broken down houses and walk because they cannot afford cars are not fairing very well. And the merchant's in the Town of Littleton are still hurting with no hope in the near future. So, it Appears to me, that the We should be taking of the Constitution. One last note. The citizen outside of the Circles of power and influence have no idea of  as to what, when, and how much leaders are doing or spending as the Town is shrouded in secrecy. If they spent 30 minutes on the computer and look ups the NC laws governing Open Meetings, they would see all the state violations they are breaking. But, Hell, why bother since nobody in authority gives a rats ass about all the people in the town of Littleton.

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