30 December, 2013

Wonderful News for the Defense Department, The Military Contractor’s, and the "One Percent" . . .


. . . Their Back . . . Wait! they never left?




VIDEO: Rep. King: Al Qaeda is 'a greater threat'


Thank God Congress is thinking of . . . 

. . . extra cuts to domestic spending. In particular, Labor, Health and Human Services and Education programs.      

U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science



So, our Government can increase our military Spending, since we are cutting all those expenses we spend on American Citizen's; when the Muslim Nations should come first.

After all . . . We are a Nation under God, so what else do we need.

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Hey . . . President Obama has screwed up big time, however, trying to blame him for the al Qaeda is ludicrous.

Bush started in the wrong places in 2001 claiming victory in Iraq as Obama did in 2011 that also is a lie.


Obama saying if we kill the top leaders . . . that was a lie. Both Bush and Obama are piss-poor Commander-in-Chiefs. We, that served in the Military, as those still serving know that everything decision they made was wrong. And the voters supported them just like Germans supported Hitler's propaganda.

Hundreds of Thousands people killed both civilian and our        military and allies. It's estimated it will cost America around 60 Billion a year to take care of our military with disabilities           caused in the third war created by our politicians, and the

"One Percent."


Our governments pays Trillions of dollars of bribe money  to Middle East Nations since 2001.  While American's on "Main Street" The Middle Class Americans, the Poor, are getting poorer.



Wall Street broke the ceiling this year at 16,000, the first in our history. And guess who is getting richer?


The most illiterate American voters in the last several decades blame those they put in office; and of course each voter blames the other voters, because they know they were right in their votes.



Can you believe many Americans think that Homeland Security is protecting us? They even believe them when our government tells the American people they have kept us safe?  American’s . . . “Be very, very, scarred!  

Many American’s known the truth, and share it with the public on the internet like  You Tube that has many videos that offer proof, of the lies and deceptions by our government tells us citizen's however; most people call it hogwash. I do understand that opinion considering how the most American’s have a closed minds. They have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but do not listen.


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Additional items added by Charles Harvey 01/07/2014

 I am sad that when I die not too far in the distance future, because this is what I will leave behind in America; only it will be much worse: Look into Americans Future:


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