04 February, 2012

PS Amazing....

PS Amazing, I read in the Daily Herald, Sunday edition, and read about the homeless, and hungry, children in Halifax County. This is happening in counties throughout our County.

The Daily Herald is the Only Media in the entire United States of American that gave coverage, of a presidential candidate-2012, from the "middle class," well educated, living on $2100.00 a month Social Security.

Read the National News, and it tells us how Newt Gingrich, is going to build a moon base by the end of his second term. To develop Commerce, and when it reaches a population of 13,000, they can apply for Statehood. I hope they have better luck than, the District of Columbia, 599,657 - Jul 2009.
The homeless mother of two children was real excited to here Newt Gingrich Plan to build a Moon Base. It gave here hope.

And we have another candidate, Mr. "Empty Suit," but a very expensive suit. However, Mitt Romney will do nothing for "Main Street," USA, other than sacrificing both the "middle class," and the poor class's sons, daughters, husbands and wives, lives, in ongoing wars. Mitt said: He is "not worried about the poor, they have a safty net."

Mitt made all the homeless, hungry children, and the Vets, Feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing they have a safety net. And, silly I, thinking that nets, were for just catching fish, butterflies, animals, and crazy people.

All the money will be directed toward war, oil for the war machine, is the most expensive item, when running a war. The oil companies love it, as do all that have stocks in the oil companies. So, as you can see all is not bad news fighting wars under the presence of liberating other nations. Money will go toward the moon, and searching for planets with water, 20 to 40 light years away, and to think 1 out of six humans, on here on Earth, do not have clean drinking water. I will only ask God to Bless the Meek.

I have raised the stakes. As you know, I challenged several candidates to a debate. Well, I am going to challenge the president of the United States.

We both have a great education, with honors. We, both in our own way, helped people to help themselves to better their lives. However, my work was 90% pro bono. That was possible by the support of my deceased wife that supported my causes. She always believed in Don Quixote.

The challenge to the president is to show if he really cares for America and the lower classes; or is his ego, and love for power, greater than his heart and conscious. If a person really thinks about it, how can he say no to a member of the "middle class," that is a presidential candidate; that has been denied all access to the media, except for the Daily Herald? That just made me think of, "The little engine that could."

I would like to get my challenge to the media and to the president's staff. I was hoping for a one hour debate. How we would change America, and help the "middle class." How we would balance the budget. I want to discuss President Obama's, first biggest mistake, saving all of "Wall Street," and not saving just the most important, and taking half of billions of dollars, we gave to Wall Street, and save millions of homes and families for the American people. To make loans to the people, to help on their mortgages, and to be repaid in low interest, as the president did for GM, but failed to help "main street, USA.

If President Obama desires, he can invite the Two GOP candidates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, alias: :Moon Man and Empty Suit.”

Think about it, how he can the president say no, without looking terrible, to the "working class," and the "middle class voters." If David could take down the Giant, Then why is it not possible for a "middle Class," Presidential Candidate, to meet the giant on the battlefield of reality, a public televised debate? President Obama, should remember: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."(FDR) This would be Historical. It would show the United States Constitution is still alive.

Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012



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