27 December, 2011

Media Ignores "Middle Class" Presidential Candidate.

I'm a "middle class"
Presidential candidate, that announced My Running for the President of the United States of America, I say America with reservations because
Our media runs like China's media. The only difference between China and us, is the media here controls all what
America see, hears, and read. China Government Controls the people. In America Media, the "Big Six" and
Big money controls all media, The true "trickle down" effect.
So, Media only show wealthy, "upper class, politician, with funding, And backed by specIal interest groups. The reason I"m not in debates, is media's "catch 22." For me to be in a debate I need no less than 4% in the polls. So if all media ignores me, witch all have since April, except one major newspaper, in North Carolina, The Daily Hearld.
But again, they say, Merry Christmas and print it. Wow, can you imagine saying "those" words, in a nation that pretends to be under God.
The know if a person like myself, talking to the Majority of American's, the "middle class," 72% of Population.
No spinmasters, focus groups.
Just a "middle class" man, talking commonsense, with truth. A person that would blow all the wolves in sheep clothing, of the stage. I can save the "middle class, balance the Budget, and restore America's reputation with the World, and gain the respect we had in the Forties, through the Sixties.
That is why Many people call
me: "Voice In the Wilderness,"



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