26 November, 2011

Why The "Super Committee" Let "Main Street Americana's Down.


Easy answer. Because....

1. Voters always vote in mostly wealthy, politician from the "upper class."

  (a) All 41 former presidents were Former politician except for   

  (b) Over 252 In Congress are a millionaire.

  (c) During the recession, Congress gained 23% in wealth,
      While "Main Street" USA, lost 16%.

2. Die-hard Party Liners, go behind the Curtain
   And vote for the best of the worst, since 1887,
   I think of it like playing Russian roulette, you put
   Two bullets in the chamber, separated by one chamber.
   Then you spin the chamber, then the voter pulls
   The trigger to see what will happen. Oh! The Two bullets
   Have to be extremely expensive, and paid for by the Tax Payers

   Definition of a Die-hard:

- noun
A person who vigorously maintains or defends a seemingly hopeless position outdated attitude lost, cause or the like"
3. I call a diversified choice for the President of the
   United States. It is things many voters say:

   (a) "We need a Demarcate or Republican in office.

   (b) It's, time for a woman" not sure of the altruism here.
Note: I know it is not based on working in or management
      in our failing Education System that employee 90%
      Female employees including the 5,000 in the
      DOE. No it's not money. We spend big bucks compared
      to other nation, like Korea-Republic, that was, number

      #1 in the world, in math, reading,and science.
      (c) Time for a African American president. Not all use the
          Politically correct term always.

      (d) The most dangerous one, above being An "upper class"
          Politician or GOP. The single issue voters, IE. Pro-          abortion or Anti-abortionist. The religious left and right.

      (e)  The non-voters from the "middle class," working class"
           and poor and homeless.

The Super Committee divided in  Two parts.
Part, 1. Those for benefits to only the wealthy.

Part, 2. For the Middle class, poor.
         The homeless, the hungry children, elderly

         and those needing Medical assistance. And remember
         Congress is loaded with male testosterone, GOP has

         more,as shown through Their love of the military, and wars 
         at a drop of a hat.

         This includes Congress,and those on the "SUPER" Committee,

Note: Definition of super: an article of a superior quality grade
      size etc.
I wonder If the men or woman in Congress came up with the name?
In closing, Congress, and any committee members, are from
The "upper class, with big egos and pride. Oh! I almost forgot,The Super Committee members, have special interest groups, and Individuals, who have spent large sums of money, to get them where they are today.Some say they owe them, I say many are bought and paid for. I recommend that you Watch "Boss," on Starz, Fridays,at 10PM. It will show you how those in power played the game, that control the public through lies, propaganda,and blame of others for their own mistakes.

From Charles Harvey For President 2022 iPhone

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