30 October, 2011

Questions To the Voters With An IQ Higher than 100


1. Which one is from "middle-class."

2. Which one have you seen on TV.

3.Why has the media avoided one of these candidates.

4.Which one do you think is most likely to help the "middle-class."

5. What has the "upper-class" candidates you voted in office done
     for the "middle-class" in the last 30 years.

6. Why are you going to vote another wealthy "upper-class" in
     as president again and again and again?

7. If you cannot answer these questions correctly, Will you please
    Not vote.

If the "middle-class," wants one of their own to have the same media coverage they give to the "upper-class" then Please sign my Petition to have CNN give Charles Harvey media coverage.

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