11 October, 2011

Lady Liberty is Embarrassed, Ashamed and Hurting

Lady Liberty is embarrassed, ashamed and hurting

Voters If You Change Then American Will Change For The Better.

Since April 4, 1841, Americans have voted in a Demarcate or Republican President.
For the last Forty Years America and the "middle-class" have been going down the drain.
Most the World have little respect for us. We the voters are the reason for American failing, The"middle-class" that is complaining and makesup 72% of the population, are the most responsible. Yes Media and the "upper-class" also are responsible. The Media because they only show, you "upper-class" candidates, never one of our own. The "upper-class"you vote into office every election and wonder why they do not help the"lower-classes" than theirs.

Most voters are die-hard party liners, and that has worked so well hasn't it? Why do you believe the rhetorical bull, the "upper-class" candidates feed you ever election. My favorite always said every election besides "middle-class" is important, right,and "We live in the great country in the World." Take that to the bank, Oh we did and lost our Ass-sets. Let's see great Country in the world, let me count some of the ways.

1. We have more prisoners than any other free nation.
2. The US Outstanding Public Debt
3. 9.1unemployment.
4. We have dropped from First in Education. U.S. ranked 14Th in reading, 17Th in science and 25Th in math.?
5. The "upper-class" politicians have allowed out sourcing jobs and manufacturing.
6. "upper-class" politicians have allowed corporations to do offshore banking, a loss around $60 billion.
7. "upper-class" politicians have allowed tax loopholes for corporation. costing billions of dollars.
8. "upper-class" politicians allowed, Wall Street to go wild.
9. "upper-class" politicians take, earmarks to the tune of $60 billion last year
10."upper-class" politicians have allowed us to invade Two Countries we did not need to invade.
11. "upper-class" politicians Increased Military Budget last Ten years. The Military's Budget is the largest in the World. Our military budget consuming over 50% of all worlds military budgets, 600% higher than China that is second.
12. "upper-class" politicians have approved billions of funding to Islamic-Muslim Countries that call us Infidels.
13. We are second worlds wide by a fraction leading in divorces, calling ourselves a nation under God and most get married in a Church and giving the vows, "for better or worse"
14. "upper-class" politicians have allowed us to be involved more with foreign countries than our own, including money.
15. We have dropped from First in Education in the World. U.S. ranked 14Th in reading, 17Th in science and 25Th in math.?
16. We are the largest buyers of illegal drugs in the world consuming 80% of the market.


I do know why the last Politician to say this election, "we live in the great country in the world," was Mitt Romney. Take a look one of his Estates in Utah below.


And Sara Palin said, "Remember us little people." Take a look at her little people estate in Alaska

Why put another "upper-class" Politician in the White House, Put myself in the White House, A "Middle-Class" man That Can. Do you think I will make

The wealthiest and a"upper-class" Americans my priority, or Main Street American were I live on Social Security. If you notice the "upper-class"

politician you have put in office always want to cut programming that benefit "lower-classes" than themselves. Do you think they need Medicare, Medicaid,

or Social Security? Can you name anything the "upper-c;lass" politicians have done for us the real Americans in the last 40 years. Why should they. The

Roman Empire functions just like us today before they fell. They took, care of the elite and the "upper-classes" They ignored all classes below them except

the Military that they spend what ever was left onto control other countries around their world. The important things to them were sex and entertainment.

Look at my causal video talking to you below. And the presidential video, I made myself for $40.00. My staff for my consulting is God, and my daughter.

Please email, call or write CNN and ask them to interview one of your own to see if I am the person that can make a difference for us the people.

Americans Elect-2012 Let Americans decide, not the media who goes on the ballot.

Let Americans decide, not the media who goes on the ballot.


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