07 October, 2011


CNN has been called the political experts or leaders, but have been wrong most of the time in the last 30 years

They interview only the wealthy, the politicians, candidates with backing from special interest groups. Their recommendations for President has been governors. 

So they are the largest and considered the leaders in politics, most of Americans, the "middle-class" only see CNN's picks as a possible candidate for the White House or the Senate. So it has been perfect for Congress that has almost half of its members are millionaires. 82% of Senators elected had the most money, and 9 out of 10 presidents put in office had the most money. So CNN shares the reality of America going down the toilet for the last 30 Years. They have turned their backs on any non-wealthy candidates from the "middle-class," like the well educated Charles Harvey, MSW, The unknown man that can. From the "middle-class" for the middle-class. 

  CNN and other alleged experts in the political arena have said the Presidents job is tough. No, it is only a challenge with easy guidelines for decisions.

1. Is it best for the major majority of Americans.(middle-class 72%)

2.You do not invade 2 Counties with military intervention when those responsible for 9-12 are not in or from those countries. 

You use 2000 Special Force like Seal Team Six and intelligence to get the few hundred responsible. This bad decision cost thousands OD American And Allied lives as well as hundreds of thousands of civilian life, the destruction of their home and displacing millions from their homeland.

3. You do not give billions of dollars to Islamic-Muslim countries that hate us and call us infidels.

4. We go to war In the conventional sense when American soil or people are under attack.

5. You never let, Wall Street regulate itself, where there is much money there greed and wall street has been caught many time cheating and only fined. Rarely an individual has gone to jail.

6. Principles before personalities.

7. Never hire someone from Wall Street for any leading position dealing with government monies.

8. Concentrate on Americas Problems.

9. Do not try to control or tell other countries what they should do.

10. Plug taxed loopholes that cost $60 Billion a year in taxes.

11. Equal taxes across the board.

12. Cut military budgets; we have everything to won any war we may have to fight, and I said, may. We are over half of the entire world Military budget and 600% more than the second largest China.

13. Only clean bills, no earmarks attached.

14. Regulate offshore banking and American outsourcing jobs and manufacturing.

15. Moratorium on NASA for. 10 years. We need to spend money here on earth in America not looking for another planet to destroy. Beside until we can reach the speed of light it's useless.

And if you want to change the Government for the people, then keep the best half of the House of Representatives and half the Senate. Keep the best half in offices and vote in only candidates from the "middle-class" to replace the half we voted out. If you notice the wealthy in Congress want to cut all the program we the "middle class, "working class" and "lower class need, but they do not need. This joint practice among Republicans.

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