05 September, 2011

An Up Date about the Most Humble Man I Ever Knew

An Up Date about the Most Humble Man I Ever Knew

Every Year I would go to my mailbox and take out a birthday card from my dearest friend. It made me think that every year for almost 30 years Wilfred Webb was always the first Birthday card I received from any other person on Earth. He was 94 years old in 2015, and he took, care of his younger bride, Lady Virginia, that had Parkinson disease, Cancer, and a broken hip twenty-four seven, He cared for her at home until she had to go to a care facility. While she was in the Medical Facility, he would stay by here side at the start of the visiting hours and would be the last to leave, 7 Days a week. God's Angels finally came to embrace her. His only prayer was that he could survive his wife so he could take care of her until her final hours, I have so much respect and admiration for Wilfred D, Webb. That always cares for others and has always helped any way he could without judging them. 
I am pleased to say I have had a truly unique friend for almost 30 years. How unique? He is the most humble man that I have ever known in my lifetime, and he does not know he is humble. Even more unusual is he served three terms a State Representative in Michigan. His name is Wilfred D. Webb, PhD Every campaign Webb was not the candidate with the most money; he was the candidate with the most sincere heart and soul. Wilfred never said one negative thing about a person or a political party or disrespected, nor blamed the President of the United States, for the ills of America at that time. He was a teacher with many grateful students; he also became a school superintendent that was loved and respected. 
I remember going to his Office in Lansing Michigan, one time, and while I was there, I noticed, boxes full of awards he had received, about 30 or so. I grabbed a box of them and said to Wilfred; "they should be hung on the wall. That was the only time; I saw Wilfred get upset. He told me he did not want them on the wall, leave them in the box. After, he retired they went on the walls in his basement where nobody usually goes. 
He lost running for his Fourth term to an unusually young candidate with much financial support coming from a "upper-class" neighbourhood while Wilfred always lived in a small "working class" city of 20.000 populations.
 His heart was always busy doing things for other people and trying not to get caught nor talk about what he did for others. Wilfred D. Webb is the only politician, I every knew that deserves to use the word God in a sentence, but he did not, he is a true Christian that does not use God to get votes, but to keep his heart and soul spiritual. I cringe when I hear other politicians insult God's name for gain. Unfortunately, for Americans will not find any politicians as humble or honest as Wilfred. 
I often thought of Wilfred D. Webb when watching these "hypercritical" politicians in public that say how talented they are, and how miserable their opposition is, and would toss in God ever chance they could?
If Wilfred knew I wrote this, he would be upset in a very humble way. So be it, his story is a model for other that will follow. I doubt if he will ever see this because he has no computer, nor has he ever had an answering machine at home. He carried a cell phone with no bells or whistles, and it was for his staff to reach him and his wife. 

God Blesses and keeps my dear friend safe till the angels call for him to be with his wife that passed on Oct 20, 2013.

Virginia Rose Webb
(April 21, 1927 - October 20, 2013) 

VIRGINIA ROSE WEBB, age 86, of Hazel Park for 43 years, passed on Oct 20, 2013. She was born in Detroit, on April 21, 1927. Beloved wife of Wilfred Webb, loving the mother of Stephen (Amy) Webb, 4 Grandchildren and 2 Grandchildren. Also survived by siblings James DePalma and Patricia Taylor. She enjoyed singing and spending time with her family.

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle. ~Benjamin Franklin

Wilfred Webb was wrapped up in others and made an enormous bundle.  ~ Charles Harvey

I would be so grateful if any person reading this would be so kind to send Wilfred D. Webb a brief note saying hello. He seldom gets visitors, as he has outlived so many friends. I live in North Carolina. I just noticed the numbers 777 in his address, 7 to be a Holy Number

His address is:

Wilfred D. Webb
American House Hazel Park Senior Living
777 East Woodward Heights
Hazel Park, MI 48030



  1. Hello. Dr. Webb is a member of our church and with your permission I would like to re-print some of your comments for our church newsletter. Thank you.

    1. How sad Dr. Webb passed away 7/2/2016 http://www.hopcroftfuneraldirectors.com/obituaries/Wilfred-Webb/#!/Obituary

  2. Sadly Dr. Webb passed awy on July 2, 2016. http://www.hopcroftfuneraldirectors.com/obituaries/Wilfred-Webb/#!/Obituary