31 August, 2011

Open Letter Between Charles Harvey For President-2012 And Supporter.

Robert C. Coe USN, (Ret.).
As a former Navy, man as my Father was before me, it is an honor Sir, to show your support. Please go to http://www.americanselect.org/ and join the millions that will choose their own candidate to put on the ballot as the voice of the people.
Changing the Nomination Process is a must, and AmericansElect are doing just that. I am going to publish your correspondence with your comments. Your opinion is noteworthy. I will not show your email in the published blog.Please go to my blog and see The PBS Interview of AE Chief Operations Officer, Elliot Ackerman.
."http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/08/americans-elect-group-challenges-us.html." To see what a War hero is doing for, "Main Street Americans.
"I have to live for others and not for myself: that is middle-class morality." George Bernard Shaw.
Now hear this, Now hear this, The Peoples voting is not lit.
A modification of a US Navy Cal used aboard Navy vessels that only a Navy man would see the changes.
PS. As i was writing this CNN covered Americans Elect 2012, " http://www.americanselect.org/." CNN must have seen it on PBS and Colbert show. CNN never gives time to people that do not have money or special interest backing.

Subject: You have My vote!!!
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 11:12:36 -0400
From: RCoe
To: charleseharvey@live.com

Good Morning Mr. Harvey,
My name is Robert C. Coe USN, (Ret.) and I agree with you on your “Middle Class” mentality. I would like to see several programs changed. One that comes to mind is our Well fare program. I think this program is too often abused by the general public. Our tax dollars can go for a better purpose. I am just touching on the over all issue of Well fare.
On the campaign for any elected official, I think the person that wants to run for a particular office should fund their own and not ask for donations. In doing so creates opportunity of disloyalty to the people who are doing the electing. If people are going to vote for a particular person then it should be on what the person can do for the town, city and the country. Why be dishonest from the start of your election?
What about these companies that do not manufacture goods in the US? Why not punish those companies that manufacture goods overseas with the option to move back to the U.S. and employ our citizens or entirely move out. I also realize that our country places a higher tax on companies who try to manufacture goods in the United States. That is one area that we need to correct. I know that trade is good for our economy and should continue.
I would like to create a country that can produce their own food, like back in WWII also to assist other countries with food. Then of those countries that owe the U.S money needs to be repaid and we need to pay our debt to others as well. Put our farmers back to work.
As of bringing back our troops, I believe that we need to depart Iraq, Afghanistan and any other country that we need to rebuild. I disagree with that we have to use our money to rebuild a country that has caused the U.S. a major head ache. Pakistan needs to be punished for harboring many terrorist groups and wanting aid from the U.S. I have a question on when we captured those pirates. Why did we bring those people back to the U.S to be tried? Why are we using tax dollars to place them in prison knowing that these criminals now have a better place to live until their sentence is complete. Since these pirates had killed a couple of U.S citizens whom were just sailing around the world innocently. Why didn't we put a bullet through their head for such a crime? Eye for an Eye, as stated from the bible. I know that the bleeding hearts of this country probably would carry on with this, but right is right.
We as a country need to get away from the mentality of everything has a price. I think if we get away from the “ ALL Might Dollar” our country would be a better place to live in. Take a look at Japan. When that catastrophe came, no one looted any store, house, business was ever touched. The respect for other peoples property is highly endured by its citizens. We as a country can learn a lot from Japan.
I would like to see our sports teams to make less money for what they do. I know we live in a country based on the ability to make money, but most of those players get pushed through college just so they can be a star player. I think education is a main priority and should not take a back seat to any sport.
In closing I am willing to vote for you to get our country back on the right track. We need people in our government that cares about our people and less about their bank accounts.
Best regards,
Robert Charles Coe

Americans Elect, The Place to Turn

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