29 August, 2011

The Unsung Hero's of Hurricanes Are.....

No, it is not the news reporters that stand in the storm for a dramatic effect, when everything they show us can't be that  necessary can be done with Google Earth Live Satellite | earth.google. Also, Reporters can deliver reports inside a house and get great camera shots a window or a porch with a view of the Atlantic or the Gulf, The most popular pathway of Hurricanes in the US. Also they can interview people within homes and buildings.

Yes, the people that make the rescues of people that did not put themselves in arms way.

Not the village idiots that threaten both their lives and the rescuers.

I am talking about

The Utility workers. They work around the clock to restore power to us that complain about the high cost of electricity, and take it for granted. The work in and around live power lines in water, rain, high winds, including fallen trees and many other hazards. I live in North Carolina, and we were the first to be impacted on land and lose power. It knocked out 200,000 homes including the 1200 residence in my little, insignificant Town. Well Progress Energy had us restored within 4 hours. North Carolina has multiple Power outages because of many old, small towns. In the 2 years Living in this State, I never have gone without power more than a few hours. When I call I always get a human instead of a recording. I lived through 3 serious hurricanes in Florida in Fort Myers, a Major City and have been without power 3 days at most. I thank all the Utility workers in all States, But a truly remarkable power company named Progress Energy.

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